Book Review: God is a Nationalist by M.J.W. Roebuck


You can purchase God is a Nationalist here.

One of the most dangerous books to the Globalist Elite since the Bible itself. Buy your copy before they ban it and burn it, because once they discover it and know that people are reading it, they will Kvetch to the point of persecution and murder.

God is a Nationalist is a book for anyone and everyone who has taken the red pill and started down the rabbit hole. Here is the final destination and what lies at the bottom of it. Like all important truths, it is hard to swallow. M.J.W. Roebuck pulls no punches and makes no apologies. Most people today who call themselves Christians will need to have a good look in the mirror and most people who are Nationalists will have to face the fact that their ideologies are lacking a foundation stone.

The goal of the book is to bring people back to God and to get them to read the Bible and accept it as the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. To this end it lays out the current state of Western Civilisation and charts its decline. Passages from the Bible are referenced to show that what we are experiencing is nothing new. That the Bible tells of many past peoples and civilisations that followed the same rise and fall and that all of them owed their success and failures to a single common denominator. Follow the Commandments of God and prosper. Defy them and be destroyed.

One of the Commandments of God that Western Civilisation has most abused is that of living in homogenous Nations. Nations, Roebuck demonstrates, are nothing more than extensions of immediate family, bound by blood and common heritage. Each of Jacob’s sons founded a Nation simply by having offspring that multiplied and all the people within each Nation could only claim heritage because they were blood descendants of these men. The land of milk and honey they were eventually given is simply a home, but not the Nation itself. With many passages of the Bible from both Old and New Testaments Roebuck demonstrates that this isn’t just a quirk of History, but the natural order of things and also God’s will.

Globalists are serving Satan is the other message of this book. Roebuck doesn’t shy away from naming the Jews, or the Freemasons who are copying the Jews, as the authors of Globalism and proudly references Biblical text to condemn them and their plans. Plans which he quotes their own writings and teachings to prove the existence of.

This book is extremely well researched, both the Biblical and non Biblical writings that are quoted fit seamlessly within a well constructed argument. People belong in Nations. Nations are ethnically homogeneous groups. Only by returning to belief in God and accepting the Bible as truth once more can we ever hope to achieve this. This is the message of God is a Nationalist. It is powerful. It is persuasive. It will scare the Hell out of the Elite. Or seal their fate within it. For that reason you should buy your copy sooner rather than later. Before it is destroyed.

You can purchase God is a Nationalist here.

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