Why is the Lying Press too scared to talk to Thomas Sewell?

Thomas Sewell defends his cameraman against a security guard who had assaulted the cameraman, outside a Channel 9 office in Melbourne, March 1, 2021.

Yesterday Thomas Sewell defended his cameraman from an assault by a security guard who had grabbed the cameraman by the throat, outside a Channel 9 office in Melbourne.

They were there because the Channel 9 program A Current Affair were due to air a program on Sewell in which they billed him as The face of EVIL!!!!!!!!

ACA had not contacted Sewell, the subject of the segment, so quite reasonably he presented himself at their office with the offer that they could talk to him about anything they liked. Anything at all.

It is curious then, that they refused to speak with him and instead sent out their thugs to assault the cameraman. A Current Affair are a one trick pony, still employing the time honoured tactic of turning up at people’s houses or chasing their subjects down the street, claiming they only want to ask a few questions.

It is curious that an outlet so keen to talk to people who don’t want to talk to them, doesn’t want to talk to someone about whom they are airing a segment and who is offering himself freely for an interview. Sewell has actually been interviewed well over a dozen times by the Lying Press, yet none of these interviews have ever gone to air.

It is almost as though they believe they are casting a magic spell, and that anybody who speaks the truth for more than 15 seconds will break that spell. This is a recurring pattern.

When I used to naively argue with Marxists on Facebook, I would present my argument, often in dot point, and provide evidence to prove my assertions. Said Marxists would simply parrot my conclusions and claim that I hadn’t provided any evidence to back them up, and attempt to present me as either stupid, evil or crazy.

These small fry are what I refer to as the inner ring of gatekeepers. They are deployed to harass and waste the time and energy of ordinary people searching for the truth. If you are tenacious enough you will pass through several more layers of control before you reach the Lying Press.

The Lying Press utilises exactly the same tactic, presenting conclusions devoid of context, but attempting to humiliate activists in front of a national audience. Its role has become more difficult in recent years with the advent of social media which has enabled nationalist activists to attract massive followings. Until internet freedom was nuked in 2017 the followings of these activists dwarfed the audience of the Lying Press, which puts it in a bind; it must find a way to acknowledge us without letting anybody hear what we have to say.

This is why we mock the Lying Press with “Don’t Mention The XYZ”. The few times it has mentioned us, they have merely quoted a few of our headlines. When the Age hyperlinked a single letter of our title in an attempted hit piece, our audience doubled.

Blair Cottrell tricked his way onto an ABC program by pretending to be a clueless bogan when they scoped him out over the phone. After he was interviewed on Sky News the far left threw a tantrum to ensure the interview was expunged from all controlled media.

Since the globalists who rule our world have implemented their plan to inflict massive depopulation of the Earth by locking down the entire planet under the pretext of a fake pandemic which they can use to force everybody to take a fake vaccination which will make them easy targets for a biological weapon, the Lying Press has started using the same tactics against people who challenge The Narrative regarding the coronavirus.

As stated, it is almost as though they believe they are casting a magic spell, and that anybody who speaks the truth for more than 15 seconds will break that spell. This impression is reinforced by their outrage at the targets of their attempted character assassination who released the footage of the incident, debunking The Narrative in real time.

In fact the Lying Press is indeed run by satanists who believe that anybody who can articulately speak the truth will break the spell they have cast over the population.

Their spell is as follows:

White, Aryan people and their various ethnicities, ie branches of the same tree, are the source of all evil in this world and must be eradicated from the Earth. Anybody who points this out and says it is good is our friend. Anybody who points this out and says it is evil is stupid, evil and a crazy conspiracy theorist and terrorist.

This spell can be easily exposed, for example when conflicting headlines from Lying Press outlets appear in the same google search:

The Lying Press has cast this spell due to their ethnic motivation – its owners are predominantly jewish – and the already stated supernatural motive – its owners are primarily satanist pedophiles.

So, what it Thomas Sewell’s message?

It is simply that White people are being replaced by our racial and spiritual enemies. In order to secure the existence of our people and a future for White children, we must form communities which are independent of the Regime that is attempting to genocide us. Furthermore we must oppose this anti-White Regime on all fronts and with all of our being.

In the ACA promo segment they aired one snippet of Sewell saying “This is why we say White Power”. This is an example of the aforementioned tactic whereby they repeat our conclusions devoid of context. That snippet was from a video in which Sewell was explaining the reasons for the Grampians hike which triggered the far left shortly after Australia Day.

Here is the context:

“We say White Power, because the alternative is jewish power. There is no in-between. We are currently being ruled over by jews, and we say “We want White men to rule over themselves”.

“And that’s why we say White Power, that’s why we say White power, because there is no alternative. The alternative… we’ve seen what black power does, we’ve seen what black power in africa has done, where they kill white people in the tens of thousands.

“We’ve seen what jewish power is doing in our society, turning our daughters into prostitutes and our sons into trannies and faggots, so that we can’t even have the Australian dream any more, these usurists, these internationalists, these bankers, where we can’t even afford to have a home and a kid.

“These people that have rotted us, and raped us and pillaged us and are bleeding us dry. These big corporations controlled by jews that don’t even pay any tax, and they control our politicians and they control the political lobbies, but you and I get taxed and bled to death, to the point that we can’t even afford to reproduce and have our own Australian dream that our ancestors fought and died for.

“That’s why we say White Power, because the alternative is either hispanic power or chinese power, and these things are not in the interests of White men, and that’s why we say White Power.

“And we sing Waltzing Matilda through the bush, because that is the same song that our ancestors sung when they marched through the bush. That’s what the Anzacs sung, that’s what Australian men sung. We are the same men as them, we are their legacy. We are White men in this country and we will not be intimidated and we will not be replaced.

“And we say all the other things we said that day because we believe in a future for our people, we have faith, we have blood and we have honour, and by God we’ll have our home again, by God we’ll have our home again. By bood and sweat, we’ll get there yet, by God we’ll have our home again.”

It’s your XYZ.