Third World Australia: Organised Squatting is now a Thing


When a national TV show airs advice on how to squat and get away with it, it’s a good sign you’re living in a third world country.

They found Australia’s version of this guy.

The only surprising thing is that people are surprised that squatting is becoming a serious problem. Australian houses are not worth their purported, artificially inflated value, and rent is too high.

Ordinary working class and middle class Australians with jobs are living in their cars and in tents.

Of course people are resorting to squatting, and it is utterly predictable that the Cultural Marxists in the Dying Media are amplifying the message of a literal Marxist to deflect from the underlying issue – mass replacement immigration.

It really is very simple; demand is outstripping supply because immigration is at record levels while the building industry is going bust, thus prices are going up.

Rather than reducing or ending immigration, the elites are trying to incite a class war.

From SBS:

Rental advocate and law graduate Jordan van den Berg is setting people in Australia up with empty properties to squat in.

Jordan van den Berg knows it’s definitely not the antidote to the housing crisis, he does not encourage breaking and entering and believes bigger changes must be made to make housing more affordable.

But is he encouraging squatting and setting up a database to help people connect with houses that appear empty and unused? Yes, he is.

“It’s hard to see all the abandoned homes when there are tent cities appearing nearby”, he says.

Many housing solutions take years to build, van den Berg adds, but the problem is now. “People are struggling now. People need housing now.”

You might know Jordan as Purple Pingers, the man behind ‘shit rental’ videos and his website where punters can review rentals, agencies and real estate agents.

Purple Pingers delights in skewing libertarians and conservatives on their hypocrisy:

Libertarians and conservatives are vulnerable to this kind of baiting from a midwit Marxist precisely because they make themselves vulnerable, by refusing to acknowledge that mass replacement immigration is the underlying cause.

“If the government won’t do anything about the rich hoarding empty homes, make them,” he said in a TikTok video where he is standing in an empty house….

“It’s unjust to have people sleeping on the street when we have multimillion-dollar homes lying around vacant,” he told The Feed.

Note that people who claim that linking housing affordability to immigration ‘demonises immigrants’ are more than happy to demonise landowners.

The houses are located around population centres, usually in capital cities, and about 60 per cent are in Melbourne, Australia’s second-largest capital city.

The selection and state of the houses are mixed, but many of the properties are worth upward of $1 million, based on Domain sales Jordan has found online, he says. Some are even worth as much as $4 or $5 million.

As stated, Australian houses are not worth millions of dollars, they are artificially inflated due to mass replacement immigration.

As even Jordan concedes, a brief perusal of the figures demonstrates that squatting is not the solution to Australia’s housing crisis:

There could be up to 136,000 empty houses in Australia, according to recent estimates from the Australian Bureau of Statistics in 2023.

Even if Australia were to fulfil the anti-property rights agenda of the WEF/UN by forcing owners to let people live in their unused or ‘underused’ properties, it would be a one-off fix that would not even meet current demand. Current plans to build more homes still will not meet demand, and the plans are unfeasible anyway.

Moreover it is naive to believe the government’s promises that the current “spike” in immigration is a one off, to make up for all the mass immigration we missed out on during Covid. Expect half a million a year to be the permanent baseline net overseas migration figure.

Basically, you can file this current drama away in the folder “How do we stop Aussies linking mass replacement immigration to housing affordability?”

The Dying Media is throwing a host of distractions at Australians but each issue can be linked back to mass replacement immigration.

Why are house prices so high? Because demand is outstripping supply due to mass replacement immigration.

Why are rents so high? Because rents are indexed to property values.

Why are landowners and boomers unfairly advantaged by owning property? Because the value of their houses has been artificially inflated by decades of mass replacement immigration.

Why is so much wealth in Australia tied up in property investment rather than invested in wealth generating business or manufacturing? Because property values are artificially inflated…..

You get the picture.

This basically works for any factor linked to the cost of living, inflation, housing affordability. The only exception to this is the question of central banking and fiat currency. That’s just as off-limits as immigration, for no reason whatsoever.

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