Why is the Australian Regime going after Pete Evans?


They fear him.

“No-one’s coming to save you except you. Each and every one of you has to stand up in whatever capacity you can.”

They are scared of a humble chef who spoke barefoot in a park to a massive crowd of people who won’t take a vaccine. They are terrified that he has vowed to enter politics.

That rally in Sydney was one of a series of massive protests against enforced vaccinations which swamped Australia’s capital cities on the weekend.

Tens of thousands of Australians made it clear they were not going to be bullied and manipulated into taking a vaccine just to get our lives back.

And they’re cranky.


Naturally, the police used the brutality reserved only for people who genuinely oppose the malign intent of the state.

They even fought amongst themselves.

The point of these protests is simple. The globalists who rule our world have either genetically modified a flu and released it upon the world, or they have simply hoaxed the whole thing. They have done so in order to implement global communism, rebranded as the Great Reset, and a program of worldwide depopulation.

Imperative to this plan is the forced vaccination of millions, of not billions of people with a drug which produces a particular antibody, making recipients prime targets to a follow-up “vaccine” which could wipe them out.

The first vaccine doses have already arrived in Australia and our daggy dad PM has pretended to take the first shot. The government will subcontract the task of mandating vaccines to the private sector who will make vaccination a condition for using or buying their services.

Follow up “vaccines” will be pushed at regular intervals due to the convenient emergence of new “strains” or entirely new bogus superbugs.

Whether fully cognisant of this plan of attack, or merely opposed to being manipulated into taking a seemingly untested and experimental drug, the widespread opposition to this terror is understandable and refreshing.

This makes Pete Evans more than just a barefoot hippy who can cook a bit. You don’t simply ban a guy from mainstream social media, sack him from television, cancel his book deals, and publish articles in the Lying Press about him every second day – even by sitting federal parliamentarians – if he is just a barefoot hippy whoo can cook a bit.

The Regime’s hysterical reaction to his observation that Magda Szubanski is a fat pig was an early indication of this.

It is dawning on Pete that he is becoming a spearhead of the opposition in Australia against the globalists’ attempt to wipe us all out and enslave the survivors using the pretext of the coronavirus.

He fucking begged others to do it.

But he has the profile, the epic Telegram channel, the looks, and he has done his bit to secure the existence of our people and a future for White children.

So he has to do this, and he knows it. It is his duty.

The following is speculation on my part. He comes across as still a bit normie, so I could be wrong.

What makes Evans doubly dangerous to the Australian Regime, and exciting for Nationalists, Traditionalists, NatSocs and Christian Nationalists is that he is a big fan of Donald Trump, he shares Qanon memes and he has interviewed David Icke.

If our main criticism of Qanon is that it incentivises people who should be taking action to sit on their backsides and wait for Trump to save us, Pete certainly does not fall for this trap:

“No-one’s coming to save you except you.“

He shared this beautiful image, and judging by the comments, I may have been too hasty to jump to the conclusion that he was apologising for it.

He is sharing pizzagate-tier memes about the pedophiles who rule our world. Videos too.

Given he has interviewed David Icke it is quite possible, when taken in context with this other information, that he is redpilled on the real history of our world, possibly World War 2, race, the JQ, hell maybe even Operation High Jump.

If my suspicions are correct, my advice is go hard or go home. People will advise you that you need to edge people up to the truth. This is rubbish. Hit them with everything you have while your star is the highest, you have the biggest reach, when your supporters are freshest and have the most energy. Talking about this stuff does not turn people away, but those with a vested interest want you to think that. The Regime will do everything it can to whittle away at your reach over the next few years. So if you know more, tell everybody.

Tell everybody. Now.

Others will advise you that if you name the Jew the Jews will destroy you. These people are fucking cowards.

Bear in mind that the Proud Boys are a multiracial civnat organisation whose founder stuck a dildo up his backside and whose current leader is an FBI informant. They are being presented as a White Supremacist organisation and their members are being set up to be tried as terrorists. When you’re being named by the Lying Press in the same breath as Cottrell, Anning, Tarrant and the Grampians White Supremacists, if you are already at that level, go now.

All that said, Pete still appears to believe in democracy. He is aiming for the Senate, despite the rules being rigged against the minor parties and independents. He has joined the Great Australian Party – Matty and I spoke with two of their members in the same Uncuckables livestream where I exposed controlled opposition rat Riccardo Bosi, and we nearly chewed our own arms off they were that dim.

The model proposed by Thomas Sewell of building a support system for White people to thrive independently of the Regime which hates us is far more likely to achieve longterm success. Sewell does however advocate fighting on every front, so if federal politics is Evans’ role, then that is his role.

Regardless of his “tier”, Evans understands that he is genuinely opposing the psychopaths who have unleashed a biological weapon upon the world in order to commit mass murder and entrench their domination of the Earth. These people are all in and will go after everything he has. They put Pauline in prison before they turned her into controlled opposition. Fraser Anning has effectively been banished from Australia.

That’s why he fucking begged.

And he still went for it.

I was warning when Anning was in parliament that the Regime would, in the future, miss the days of the polite, mild Anning. They will scream blue murder over Evans in coming years. And they will miss him when they meet the men who will succeed him.