Establishment SHOCKED that White Men are becoming White Supremacists after all their democratic options are shut down


This is another of those XYZ articles where you don’t really need to read the rest of the article, you have everything you need from the headline.

A group of about 50 White guys has been having a bit of fun, apparently, in regional Victoria, and the anti-White establishment has its panties in a tizzy, even though they broke no laws.




Okay then, let’s put all of this into perspective. NSN has responded to the storm in a teacup on Telegram:

“The Australian media is begging the government to proscribe our organisation and destroy any pretension that Australia is still a democracy, because we managed to get forty racist White men to march through the Grampians singing Waltzing Matilda. Despite the fact that the police have already admitted that they have no evidence of criminal or terrorist activity being perpetrated during our Grampians hike…

“The only way to avoid the system’s wrath is to willingly accept your slavery to the Jews and allow them to exterminate every last trace of White Australia. Trying to look inoffensive won’t stop an enemy who wants you dead. Stand with us, or you are a coward, who has betrayed our nation and our race, and it will not be long before they come for you anyway.”

It is an intriguing development. The globalist establishment is openly hell bent on eliminating Aryans while simultaneously denying that they’re doing it, or that Aryans even exist.

The globalist establishment has labelled White Supremacy the greatest so-called “terror” threat to the globalist, anti-White system.

Also, they want to kill us.

Anybody who effectively opposes the globalist system is labelled a White Supremacist regardless of whether or not they actually are.

Thus the globalist establishment has telegraphed the fact that what it fears most is for White guys to become aware of their racial identity and to actively organise according to their ethnic/racial interests.

The globalist establishment is then shocked that white guys who have become conscious to their racial identity conclude that the most effective way to counter the globalist establishment which is trying to genocide White people is to become White Supremacists.

Never saw it coming.

Here in Australia, Fraser Anning spoke up directly for the interests of Real Australians during his time in parliament, and he was portrayed by the establishment as the devil incarnate. Twice he presented bills to give Real Australians the right to decide, for the first time in our history, whether we wanted to maintain replacement-level mass immigration. Twice the parliament refused to allow the bills to even be debated, and since losing his seat he has been hounded out of the country.

In America, Donald Trump was elected on the premise that mass immigration was on course to make Real Americans a minority – Build the Wall; that a foreign/jewish elite had subverted the reigns of government and needed to be swept away – Drain the Swamp; and that America could be healed once its people regained control – Make America Great Again. Trump was labelled (naturally) a White Supremacist, obstructed by every institution of government, slandered by Democrats, Republicans and the Lying Press, had an election stolen from him, and he could face prison post-Presidency.

The globalist establishment now appears perplexed, aghast, even flabbergasted, that White men are concluding that so-called “democracy” is rigged against them and are organising outside of the traditional party system.

America suffered an alarming increase in mass shootings and regular shootings in 2020. The vast majority of these were committed by black people yet the Regime focuses its attention on the so-called threat of extreme far right extremism.

In Australia black crime continues to brutalise White people, yet the black lives matter movement is shoehorned into our politics, and the relentless assault on Australia Day looks likely to yield results in coming years.

The globalist establishment is then dumbfounded, utterly, utterly dumbfounded, when White people start burning crosses.

Aryans are a stateless people:

“We European-Americans are a stateless people. We have citizenship, but no country. No progress is possible until we face this.

“We have no political representation. Any politician who said whites have legitimate racial interests would be crushed….”

Furthermore, White Supremacists are in fact the best people:

“Thus their stated opposition to White Supremacy is actually a cowardly concealment of their true aim, which is the genocide of all white people.

“Therefore, it is not simply good to be a White Supremacist.

“It is your duty to be a White Supremacist.”

It’s your XYZ.