Total Victory: Monash Council Cancels Groomer Event


And the kvetching has gone right to the top.

Let it be known that the Premier of Victoria, Daniel Andrews, is an open supporter of pedophilia.

From the Age:

Monash Council has cancelled a drag queen story-time event after threats of violence against families, the performer, councillors and staff escalated to include intimidation from neo-Nazis following a tense protest at its offices.

The south-eastern council’s meeting in Glen Waverley was derailed last week when almost 200 people attended, many protesting against its sold-out drag queen event planned for children and parents at Oakleigh Library on May 19.

“Derailed”. 200 people derailed the open grooming of children by pedophiles.

Extra security staff and police officers were on hand after fringe groups, including My Place and Reignite Democracy Australia, rallied supporters to attend. The groups espouse views often associated with alt-right or conspiracy-theory thinking and can be hostile to the LGBTQ community.

It should be noted that both Reignite Democracy and foreign One Nation Senator Ralph Babet openly opposed anybody taking any kind of action which would be in any way effective, ie in person and en masse.

The pushback against Babet’s cuckery was so powerful that he wiped his whole account before reinstating it with comments disallowed.

Protesters verbally abused attending residents and repeatedly labelled councillors “paedophiles”, forcing the council to adjourn proceedings. The drag queen who was to host the library event, Sam T, said she [sic] also had received death threats.

We don’t believe you.

Also, note that “Sam T” was literally given an “adult industry” “award”.

Why aren’t libraries and councils across the nation hosting events headlined by female strippers dressed in slightly more modest outfits than the ones they go to work in, reading stories about body positivity to children or something?

Because this is about pushing open pedophilia. Refreshingly, all it takes is for brave men to say they will turn up and the demons flee:

Unlike other councils, including Casey and Boroondara, Monash had until today refused to give into weeks of abuse and threats to scrap its drag event. The intimidation increased in recent days.

Screenshots from social media app Telegram show that Thomas Sewell – who leads Australia’s largest neo-Nazi group, the National Socialist Network – wrote in a since-deleted post on Tuesday that he would “bring as many Nazis as possible” to the drag event.

This is fake news, Sewell’s post has not been deleted, you can find it right here on Telegram, and this is the full statement:

I was planning on giving this one and miss and letting the conservatives step up and deal with this issue, so we can move on to our next pressing task. But if the conservatives won’t hold the flanks of our spearhead, I’ll bring as many Nazis as possible and reinforce to the public that paedophile groomers must be destroyed, they must be challenged, they can not be allowed to sexualise children.

I look forward to seeing how many traitors Victoria Police can muster to defend a State mandated paedophile event on May 19th.

To the VicPol intelligence officers that are reading this post and disseminating it to the relevant task force to plan your operation to disrupt our demonstration, I want you to know that one day I will drag you before a court of law and you will be made to testify against each other as to whose idea it was to defend paedophiles defiling children in public, and when you tell me that you were just doing your job, I will remind you that I’m just doing mine. The difference is that I serve God and our Race and no amount of money or power will ever change that. You serve a sick demonic force that will destroy the whole world, and you do it for a pay check you disgusting psychopaths.

This groomer event was not cancelled because of purported “death threats”, which likely never even happened. This groomer event was cancelled because hundreds of ordinary people were going to protest this event. Hundreds of ordinary people were prepared to brave police intimidation and very likely Antifa terrorism to oppose this groomer event. These ordinary people were going to be standing with (and would have been protected by) NSN members.

Our antiwhite rulers could not afford the optics of ordinary people and NSN standing side by side against pedophilia.

Furthermore, they knew that the only potential for violence came from Antifa terrorists, and they knew they would have to use Victoria Police to prevent Antifa from doing a terrorism.

The brave actions of NSN members over the previous six months, culminating in the epic protest on the steps of Parliament House have fundamentally altered Australian politics. They hold immense power outside the political system, without being beholden to outside interference, when ordinary people unite to say “no”. Politics can be influenced with voting. Controlled opposition is made irrelevant. A groomer event can be cancelled at the mere suggestion of NSN involvement.

Ordinary people now have a chance to reclaim the public space.

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