The Liberal Party officially backs Child Grooming and Mass Immigration


Barely a day after expelling Moira Deeming for saying that men are not women, the Liberal Party has openly backed mass replacement immigration. Both policy decisions were a direct reaction to activism on the steps of state parliament by NSN:

Australia has a proud history of an orderly immigration program where people from all backgrounds come together in shared liberal-democratic values.

This sort of behaviour is completely unacceptable and against the values of an inclusive, tolerant and multicultural community.

It’s a self defeating, short sighted survival strategy. Rather than being seen to align with an organisation deemed outside the acceptable Overton Window, it announces policies which are anathema to its core constituency.

The standard operational procedure of the Liberal Party is to signal before an election to traditional, conservative Australians that it will represent their concerns regarding mass immigration, degeneracy and creeping socialism, then cave to the interests of its property developing donors and pressure from the far left Lying Press once in office.

The genius of NSN’s two protests – at the Let Women Speak Rally on March 18, and the Stop Immigration Rally yesterday – is that it has forced the Liberal Party to openly state its actual policy before the election and prevent it from signalling to conservative voters. It has exposed the duplicity of the Liberal Party and destroyed its image.

No ordinary Australian will vote for a Liberal Party which supports child grooming:

No ordinary Australian wants 600,000 – 700,000 new migrants in the next two years, whose byproduct is a whopping 212,000 housing shortfall:

Note that in 2015 at the height of the European Migrant Crisis, Germany had a net migration of 1.1 million people, absorbed into a population of 82.2 million. Some sources project Australia (25.7 million) could receive 600,000 migrants in the next financial year alone.

Even if it is at the rate the government is telling us it will be – around 300,000 to 350,000 a year – we are at European Migrant Crisis levels, and we are supposed to accept this as normal, every year.

Practically every elected politician in the land is totally cool with this. The only people speaking up for the right of ordinary Australians not to be replaced in our own country are ordinary Australians.

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