Make Groomer Events Impossible in Australia: Eltham is next


Another child grooming event is being organised by a local council in Eltham in Melbourne’s east, as reported by The XYZ News Telegram team and amplified by Joel Davis on Telegram:

“Babies, toddlers and pre-school kids” will be exposed to an adult drag performer at Eltham Library. The name of the transvestite performer is “Frock Hudson” (real name Dean Arcuri) and they are seen in promotional material giving men hand-jobs and other sexual acts. This is beyond inappropriate and should be closed down.

Eltham Library

12pm Wednesday the 17th of May
Panther Pl, Eltham VIC 3095

Eltham Library (03) 9439 9266

Nillumbik Shire Council (03) 9433 3111

From Joel Davis:

Everyone call and/or email the council and the library and voice your disapproval of this drag queen story hour next week. They cancelled the Monash event which was supposed to be next week also because of all the backlash, but this event has slipped under the radar. We need to make an issue of it, you should all also demand conservative/right-populist leaders in Victoria make a stand and rally their supporters to oppose this as best you can. Senator Babet’s office should get a barrage of calls tomorrow in particular from you all, demanding that he fight against this after he cucked out on the Monash protest last week. His office number is (03) 9070 1900, his office email is

If this event doesnt get called off, I will protest it in person. You are all welcome to join me. But it’s imperative that we put maximum pressure on both the conservative leaders and the council over the next 24-48hrs because after successfully getting the Monash event shut down its imperative to follow that up with another shut down. “Drag Queen Story Hour” needs to be eradicated from Australia.

The following photos of Dan Arcuri are disgusting.

There are even more disgusting photos of Arcuri floating around social media which XYZ News has chosen not to publish.

Perverts like this man should not be allowed within 1000 kilometres of children. Instead, councils across Australia are attempting to overwhelm opposition to pedo freak grooming events by organising them everywhere.

In so doing, they have spurred the creation of a movement with the size and level of coordination capable of shutting down groomer events as fast as extremist council staff can organise them.

Dictator Dan got so personally triggered by the latest shutdown in Monash that he chucked a tantrum in state parliament, blabbering on about so-called “bigots”.

This indicates that the push to sexualise children comes from the very top. Indeed yesterday, grassroots activism emboldened minor party representative Malcolm Roberts to expose Daniel Andrews’ bosses in the UN as pushers of child grooming propaganda.

Note that the idea of teaching the “consent” to toddlers is absurd and evil. Children by definition are below the age of consent. This by definition means that children are incapable of giving consent in sexual matters and must be protected from it.

In attempting to “teach consent” to children, pedo freaks are trying to invent a construct which bypasses this protection for children, to give them access to children in order to abuse them. This “education” should have no place in our society and these people have no place in our society.

Thus it is encouraging that one of the key dissenters against the Covid Tyranny agenda is now speaking out against pedo freaks. So-called “Drag Queen Story Hour” is the new Covid. It is crucial that the people who marched against lockdowns and forced vaccination march against groomers.

If a fraction of the Freedom Movement turns up, it will become impossible for councils to stage Groomer Events in Australia.

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