How we can defeat Drag Queen Story Hour

Eltham, next Wednesday 17th May at Noon.

Drag Queen Story Hour is the next focal point for the Globalist Agenda now that lockdowns and medication mandates have been normalised. 

The mass protests against lockdowns and vaccine mandates were an objective failure. Both programs being run to their conclusion with the majority of protesters folding under pressure once at home or on their way to work. The State and Federal elections also showed that the majority of people are still asleep, apathetic and content with what the evening News tells them to be true. 

All of the above said, the number of redpilled people was greatly increased, more people were radicalised and the activist minority on the faaaaaar right has become more resilient and determined. 

With the regime promoting pedophilia via drag queen reading events at public libraries, we are in a totally different situation to that of the CoVid scamdemic. 

First, and most importantly, we are in a situation where we can win.

Protesting government mandates was ineffective because politicians were not personally affected by them. Two hundred thousand people on the streets doesn’t mean much when paid for media simply pretends that nothing has occurred and 99% of the population end up complying in some form anyway. 

But Library staff and council members are affected when protestors are physically and directly in front of them. Nobody wants a crowd of angry people to deal with at their work. It makes no difference that we are peaceful. Nobody likes confrontation. This is why when lockdowns were a thing we would have had more success with 100 groups of 50 people going into Coles without a mask on together, than we did with 500,000 people turning up in city centres for a mass whining session. Peaceful protests can work, but they need to be directed at those implementing the agendas not those who plan them. Keep making those on the front lines back down and soon enough those at the top will have nobody who is willing to do their bidding. Then we can arrest them and remove them from power. 

Even just one or two people showing up to protest the people who are “just doing their job” or refusing to comply with such a person tasked with enforcement of something immoral, is much more effective than a million people complaining who don’t have the courage of their convictions. I can personally vouch for this in regards to shopping without a mask on during the plandemic nonsense and with protesting a drag queen event a few months ago with just my wife beside me. 

Targeted action works. Success also breeds success. If you were jaded by all of the mass protests during ConVid, I urge you to shake it off and get active again. Get where the action is and participate in the sweet taste of victory. 

The second point is that Cuckservatives have dropped the ball on pedophile grooming events and called off their supporters from turning up themselves.

Lots of normal, non-redpilled people are prepared to protest grooming of their kids and the fact that Con-sickatives have whimped out is a massive opportunity for Nationalists to show the people of this Nation where ethics and moral courage really resides. 

The transvestite, child grooming, pedophilia agenda, is the latest attempt to destroy Western Civilisation and it is a hill worth dying on to oppose. The next event to take place is at Eltham in Victoria on Wednesday 17th May at Noon. I expect that it was organised in the middle of the week in hopes that this would prevent people from showing up to protest. 

Don’t let them get away with it!

If you live within 3 hours drive of Eltham, do your country a service and take the day off to go and protest this filth. There should be 100,000 people turning up to protest every event like this, but even 1 person showing up can still have an impact. Be that person! You might just find that you are far from alone.


The groomer Agenda has stepped up its activity and multiple events of drag queen perversions to children at local libraries are going to be staged simultaneously, in an effort to dilute opposition.

We must not get distracted or disheartened by such tactics. Focus on one event and encourage everyone to protest that. Simultaneous events can be ignored until the wider public is on board. Unless you live too far away from the targeted event to attend the goal is to shut down one event at a time. But if you do live too far away from that event and another groomer event is going on near you, don’t be afraid to turn up on your own to that one and hold a sign letting people driving past what is happening in their town. When I did this at Margaret River the reaction from the public was overwhelmingly supportive.

This is a coordinated, well funded top down program by the Globalist cabal and we must take it seriously and be prepared to dig in against it.

You can find Stephen Wells at Telegram and purchase his books here.