Covid Tyrant Mark McGowan QUITS


Funny how all these Covid Tyrants who literally made it illegal for us to spend time with our families want to spend more time with their families:

Mark McGowan is quitting as Premier of Western Australia, saying he is “exhausted” after six years in the top job.

“I’m convinced Labor can win and will win the next election in 2025. but I just don’t have the energy or drive that’s required to continue,” he said.

“This week will be my final week.”

He said he had been considering resigning for “quite a while”.

Mr McGowan said he loved the job, but it had been tough – especially during the Covid years.

“I’ve loved the challenge of solving problems, making decisions, getting outcomes and helping people,” Mr McGowan said.

He didn’t help people, he locked down the entire state, cutting it off from the rest of the nation. He turned Western Australia into an open air prison where police checked people’s licences at roadblocks to determine whether they were within their allowed radius from home.

Two guys spent time in prison for going to a game of football.

He mandated Covid “vaccinations”, forcing people to choose between keeping a roof over their heads and injecting a poison which is causing the greatest genocide in human history.

Amidst all of that, he still found time for some empty virtue signalling.

“But the truth is I’m extremely tired.

“In fact, the role of political leadership doesn’t stop, it comes with huge responsibility. And it’s all consuming and combined with the Covid years, it’s taken it out of me.”

Aside from the whole trying not to die from the notvaccine or rebuilding our savings due to six months enforced unemployment, the rest of us are lugged with the debt this Covid Tyrant and his ilk have inflicted upon the rest of us.

It is highly likely that during what little spare time people have these days after working two to three jobs to keep up with the mortgage and inflation blown out by lockdowns, sanctions and mass immigration, ordinary Western Australians will hound McGowan in his spare time, just like Captain Crazy Eyes in the Northern Territory or Dictator Dan in Victoria.

Naturally, the Lying Press is giving McGowan a free pass, hastily breezing over the fact that he enforced a state of emergency for 963 days under order from his globalist masters, lest Aussies be reminded of the enabling role the media played in the Covid madness.

Covid Tyranny must never be forgotten. It will be up to ordinary people working collectively to ensure that Covid Tyrants face the biggest showtrials and pay out the largest compensation packages the world has ever seen.

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