Go Woke, Get Robbed: Anti-White Corporations Are Being Decimated By Retail Theft


From National Justice Party.

Joseph Jordan

Following the death of George Floyd, America’s major corporations united to provide moral and financial support to Black Lives Matter rioters in the name of racial equity.

In June 2020, Target announced $10 million dollars to support various minority racial causes. Walmart earmarked $100 million to a “Center for Racial Equity,” dispersed as donations to fund Non-Governmental Organizations that preach racism against white people as well as demonize local law enforcement. Home Depot provided $1 million dollars to the Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, an organization that weaponizes civil law to silence news publications and intimidate individuals who engage in criticism of black grievance activists.

As we approach the third anniversary of the beginning of the capitalist financed race revolution, society-wrecking CEOs and shareholders are now reaping what they sow.

According to data compiled by the National Federation of Retailers (NFR), theft and fraud amounted to a loss of $61.7 billion dollars in 2019. Following the changes in how states police black people in 2020, the NFR reports that this figure ballooned to $90.8 billion and then $94.5 billion in 2021. David Johnston, an NFR representative, has told the financial press that 2023 numbers are going to be even higher. Target has projected that 2023 will cost the company $1.3 billion in shrink, up from $800 million last year.

The poorly paid work of retail has also become more dangerous. At Home Depot, which positions staff members at exits to check customer receipts as a theft deterrent, employees are regularly assaulted and killed by shoplifters leaving with carts full of stolen merchandise. Customers at high traffic stores like Walmart are also routinely injured and murdered, especially when indignant shoppers make the mistake of intervening against thieves.

Several cashiers at Family Dollars, Dollar Tree and Dollar General, which attract higher rates of minority clientele and are usually severely understaffed as a cost-cutting strategy, have been butchered with machetes, stabbed, and shot in recent months. In 2023, operating a checkout counter at a dollar store has become a highly hazardous work environment.

The most shocking aspect of this crime wave is that business owners have been siding with the criminals ripping their stores off against staff and paying customers for ideological reasons. One Walmart security guard, who was shot by a felon while trying to prevent a theft at his store, was written up by his manager as soon as he returned to work after being hospitalized for a procedural violation in the incident. Months later, he was fired and then denied unemployment by management for telling a Black Lives Matter protester harassing customers to “shut up.” Recently, two white female staff members at Lululemon followed a group of black thieves casually walking out of the store with thousands of dollars worth of merchandise to photograph their getaway car. They were terminated for supposedly violating company policy to not intervene against thieves.

Corporate America continues to evade responsibility for the racial and political situation they have played a large part in creating, preferring instead to punish law-abiding citizens. In cities such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, and Portland, retailers are intensifying local inflation which forces honest customers to subsidize crooks, locking everything behind glass cases, or creating food deserts by shutting down and leaving.

The easily preventable nature of the problem was recently showcased in an article showing that a mere 327 serial offenders were behind 30% of the shoplifting in all of New York City. The people doing the lifting are black, but they are often stealing on behalf of multi-million dollar criminal operations run by Jewish gangsters from Eastern Europe.

A law-and-order backlash that typically follows a period of high crime has so far not materialized. Many working and middle class white people who traditionally form the base of anti-crime political movements have continued to leave New York, Chicago and California for whiter pastures like South Carolina, Tennessee, Montana, and Idaho. In minority-majority cities like LA, Chicago, and Philadelphia, pro-crime candidates continue to get elected and re-elected even as these once thriving urban centers become national symbols of dystopian criminality, while in New York, where the supposed anti-crime candidate Eric Adams won the mayorship, the city’s anti-shoplifting plan, centered around offering repeat offenders “social service kiosks,” has been widely mocked.

From National Justice Party.