Melbourne fan jailed for crossing a border declares: “I love Big Brother”


Exact parallels between George Orwell’s 1984 and modern Australia under Covid Tyranny keep occurring. This is because George Orwell wrote 1984 about the Communist Tyranny of the Soviet Union, and Covid Tyranny is being imposed worldwide by the ideological and genetic brethren of those who ruled the Soviet Union.

One of the Melbourne AFL fans jailed for sneaking into Western Australia via Darwin to watch the grand final has apologised for he and his friend’s “selfish and stupid decisions”.

Melbourne socialite Hayden Burbank flew back to Victoria on Monday night after three months in WA’s Hakea Prison. At the time of the breach, travel had been heavily restricted amid fears of COVID-19 cases spreading outside of Victoria.

Three months.

For crossing a border.

Within Australia.

Consider the fact that the line in the Australian National Anthem, “For we are young and free”, was altered this year by our cuck Prime Minister to “For we are one and free”. We aren’t even allowed to acknowledge the fact that we are no longer free. Instead we are supposed to pay fealty to a sanctified, marginalised minority.

This will become important shortly.

In a brief statement to media waiting at the airport in Melbourne, he apologised to WA and Northern Territory residents for sneaking into the states with financial planning friend Mark Babbage to watch their team, the Melbourne Demons, claim their first premiership in 57 years.

“I’d like to apologise to the healthcare workers Australia wide, the doctors and nurses who’ve put their lives on the line and worked tirelessly throughout the pandemic,” he said.

“We are deeply sorry for our selfish and stupid decisions we made.

“Even though we were both double vaccinated before we left Melbourne, we’d both received a negative test result in Darwin before arriving in Perth, the time in jail made us realise and understand the seriousness of our offending,”

They were told to say that.

In 1984, political prisoners declare their love for the dictator, Big Brother, upon the moment of their release. We discover (SPOILER ALERT) that they do so because they have been broken down by their jailers in prison. With their will destroyed, they are then put back in prison for good, or executed shortly after.

The die-hard Demons fans spent Christmas behind bars, locked up for three months after being convicted for bypassing WA’s hard border to watch footy history.

Travel from Victoria to WA was banned at the time due to the spread of the coronavirus in Victoria.

The duo flew from Melbourne to Darwin on September 14, using fake vehicle rental and bank documents to pass as residents.

They then entered Perth as tourists on September 22, bypassing the hard border despite only spending eight days in the Northern Territory…

Burbank and Babbage pleaded guilty in October to charges of gaining by fraud and three charges of breaching COVID laws in WA.

They’re due to settle outstanding charges in Darwin, linked to their entry into the NT, next year.

They’re not done yet. Western Australia is one thing, but the Northern Territory is governed by Captain Crazy Eyes (Michael Gunner).

The poor bastard will be hounded for years over this.

So, what’s the big deal about the Western Australian and Northern Territory borders? Why is it such a monumental crime that a couple of blokes who would have been celebrated as typical Aussie larrikins at any other time in our history have been political prisoners for three months, and will continue to be made examples of as a warning to us proles?

Western Australia and the Northern Territory have the highest concentration of aborigines In Australia. Aborigines have been deemed a high risk vulnerable group to Covid and must be protected. Thus WA and the NT have had some of the most insane border restrictions in the world. This is why Perth was able to host the VFL Grand Final, because its insane restrictions had indeed kept Covid out.

It’s all rather convenient.

But it gets bigger. Captain Crazy Eyes became infamous in recent months after he started putting aborigines in camps, and he held hysterical press conferences in which he spluttered that after decades of lecturing Australians about a supposed genocide of aborigines, what his government was doing now wasn’t actually genocide.

He conducted these outrageous shows to distract from the fact that he was using aboriginal identity politics as a pawn with which to impose totalitarianism on the whole of Australia. It works like this:

  • Aborigines are deemed a high risk vulnerable group to Covid.
  • We can’t let any aborigines die of Covid because genocide or something.
  • The logic of this leads to tight border restrictions in WA and the NT.
  • When Covid inevitably gets in, further measures are required to “protect” aborigines.
  • This justifies forcing aborigines to quarantine at Howard Springs Gulag for their own protection.
  • Any hint that this looks like a genocidal policy must be vigorously condemned. Only the elites get to decide when genocide can be classified as genocide.
  • If they can get away with this using aborigines in the NT as guinea pigs, they will expand the policy to everybody else across the whole of Australia.
  • This policy of placing ordinary people in extermination camps to protect public health will then be expanded to other Western countries.

Thus we see how a couple of Aussie larrikins have found themselves at the intersection of bread and circuses, aboriginal identity politics, the centuries-long march of global communism and a plan to commit global genocide.

That’s why the hell for these two Melbourne fans is only just getting started. The globalists have to make examples of them, because 2022 is when they will start putting us all in camps.