Michael Gunner cannot show his face in public


A few weeks ago in May, recently retired Chief Minister of the Northern Territory Michael Gunner was confronted one Darwin evening by anti-Covid Tyranny activist Conrad Gibbs. I don’t know how I missed it. This is the single most satisfying minute of footage I have seen for the entire fake pandemic:

The dialogue went more or less as follows:

Gibbs: “Gunner! How does it feel decimating the lives of hundreds of thousands of Territorians? You love to ruin people’s lives.

Gunner: ***Indistinguishable***

Gibbs: “Yeah okay, sure. Is it safe and effective though, is it? Cos a lot of people we know are having adverse reactions.

Gunner’s wife: “Have a good day.”

Gibbs: “You’ve got no moral conscience or empathy for Darwin’s people.”

Gunner: “Nah we do actually, that’s why we did it, to keep people safe from the global pandemic.”

Gibbs: “For Covid.”

Gunner’s wife: “Have some decency mate, we’ve got two kids, we need to get home, please go away.”

Gibbs: “Yeah okay, well how about you have some decency when you decide to ruin everyone’s lives, and livelihoods and small businesses have been decimated.”

Gunner’s wife: “We saved lives. We saved lives and you know it, so back off. You’re harassing us now, please leave.”

Gibbs: “Okay, I’ll leave you alone. Thanks for having a chat with us.”

If you didn’t know who these people were, it looks like a young family with two small children being harassed by a lunatic from the internet. Yet look at the image of a frightened Gunner holding his baby.

Is he protecting his baby, or is he hiding behind him? Gunner’s faux-indignant wife similarly used their children as figurative shields:

“Have some decency mate, we’ve got two kids, we need to get home, please go away.”

Yet it is her insistence that “we” “saved lives” which gives the entire game away. It the crux on which the entire exchange rests. Her husband made the decision to lock down the Northern Territory, not her. It’s almost as though she is trying to justify her role as accomplice/enabler:

Why are they always…..oh never mind.

The point is, Michael Gunner is not a decent, hardworking family man trying to enjoy a quiet night out with his young family. Michael Gunner is a criminal of the highest order.

Covid was a scam planned well in advance. The world’s leading (human) family, the Rothschilds, patented the biometrics tests for Covid-19 in 2015 and 2017, and scheduled them to be made public in September 2020.

They used Klaus Schwab to play the Bond villain as a coordinator of global governance policy and as a form of psychological warfare against the proles.

Robes? Seriously, what even is that?

The lockdowns themselves were completely unnecessary. Rather than saving lives they drove people crazy.

Melbourne woman sets herself on fire because of vaccine mandate

Melbourne Man SETS HIMSELF ON FIRE Over Vaccine Mandate

In Victoria, security forces gained worldwide notoriety for their unprecedented brutality.

They rebranded the flu and the media hyped the death numbers, then the case numbers to make it sound scary. Vaccine mandates forced the majority of the West’s population to take dangerous, untested not-vaccines. These not-vaccines are now killing unknown numbers via heart attacks and other adverse reactions:

Those who aren’t dead yet have a high chance of developing not blood clots, but “auto assembling protein structures” which aside from having the same lethal effect as blood clots, look like something from an Alien movie.

Blood clot extract, magnified 50x. Source.

The medical profession is actively suppressing anybody who speaks out about the wave of adverse reactions sweeping the globe:

Given the suppression of expert voices telling the truth about the not-vaccines, what is the likelihood that a treatment to reverse the growth of these “auto assembling protein structures” can be developed in a reasonable timeframe? All-cause mortality is spiking in Australia and globally.

We’re potentially looking at the greatest genocide of all time.

So aside from the fact that Captain Crazy Eyes was a lackey of the bankers in their psychopathic attempt to reduce the world’s population, Gunner is also a jerk.

The language he used…

“If you give comfort to or support” anyone opposed to vaccine mandates, you’re an “anti-vaxxer.”

…essentially classified anybody who defied any aspect of Covid Tyranny as a terrorist and a traitor.

The identity politics was also off the charts. Aborigines were used as the pretext to introduce in the NT some of the harshest Covid Tyranny laws in the world, yet Gunner proceeded to incarcerate aborigines in the Howard Springs Covid Gulag.

Considering that the fictional “stolen generation” is used as a key lie with to inflame White Guilt, the hypocrisy was rightly blasted. When this double standard was pointed out, he described his critics as loser conspiracy theorists on the internet in their mum’s basements in Florida.

And seriously, those eyes.

Thus it is several orders of magnitude more satisfying to watch Gunner being harassed than the footage from November 2021 when Daniel Andrews was forced to beat a hasty retreat from a public event in Bendigo.

It is more satisfying precisely because Michael Gunner was at a private event. This is not about revenge, it’s about justice. Michael Gunner and his ilk have ruined millions of lives. They have broken families apart, cost people their livelihoods and their homes, and caused countless personal humiliations for those who followed their silly rules and for we who defied them.

The lockdowns and forced vaccinations have caused deep physical and psychological damage to children. Yet he hides behind his children.

Coming back to the language his wife used:

“Have some decency mate, we’ve got two kids, we need to get home, please go away.”

This kind of reasoning never worked against the Covid KGB for ordinary Australians who were out for a stroll during lockdown. Given the lockdowns were criminal and the vaccine mandates are potentially genocidal, it’s a bit rich to turn around and insist you deserve to walk the streets of Darwin in peace.

This treatment is thus mild. It is likely a foretaste of what is in store for him and other Western politicians for the rest of their lives, or at least until their arrests. Ideally Michael Gunner, along with the Prime Minister and every Premier and CHO in the country should be put on trial for warcrimes and genocide.

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