9 Groomer Events SHUT DOWN: Mass Immigration Is Next


Ordinary people standing up and saying no to groomer events is having a real world impact, with 9 of these disgusting child sexualisation rituals shut down in six months. Councils are “quietly pulling” their so-called “IDAHOBIT” groomer events.

Groomers are seething:

Several councils across Victoria have quietly cancelled drag queen storytime and LGBTQ+ events after threats from far-right groups.

Last week Monash council cancelled a drag storytime event scheduled for International Day against Homophobia, Biphobia, and Transphobia (IDAHOBIT) after angry protesters derailed a council meeting.

Several other local government areas have quietly followed suit, calling off family-friendly queer events planned for IDAHOBIT on 17 May.

They’re not “family friendly”, they are child grooming events headlined by “award winning” “adult industry” “performers”.

Drag performer Dean Arcuri has had four events cancelled, including a rainbow storytime singalong at Hawthorn Library, which is run by Boroondara council.

This is Dean Arcuri.

“As soon as the information came out about Monash, every one of the four councils got in touch,” said Arcuri, who performs as Frock Hudson.

“They said they felt really bad about it [but said] ‘we just don’t feel like we can create the safe environment for people’.”

Boroondara council did not respond to questions before publication, but the council’s website encouraged people to go to other IDAHOBIT events, including a high tea.

“The Rainbow Storytime event with Frock Hudson advertised in the May Bulletin has been cancelled,” a note on the website said.

The other three events were scheduled in regional councils. Arcuri said he wanted to keep the names of the other councils private for fear of backlash.

“I don’t want to create a total narrative of ‘damn you, you cancelled’, because I don’t think that’s OK either,” he said. “Everyone’s doing the best they can in this scenario.”

At least nine queer events, mostly drag storytime, have been cancelled in the past six months in Melbourne due to security threats from far-right fringe groups.

A fifth event Arcuri was booked to appear at – a storytime at Eltham Library in Nillumbik shire – is currently being targeted by fascists, who have been pushing for the event to be shut down.

The Eltham groomer show is still currently going ahead, you can find information on how to shut it down here.

Importantly, so-called “queer events” are not receiving “security threats” from the faarrrrrr rrrright., globohomo is simply being defeated by its own narrative:

  • Ordinary people as well as National Socialists who peacefully oppose degeneracy are all lumped together as “evil nazis”.
  • Said ordinary people are defined as violent, even though they peacefully protest.
  • Antifa terrorists threaten to crash anti-groomer protests and openly threaten violence.
  • Councils shut down groomer events after being told by police that violence is likely.

All we have to do is say we’re going to protest against something, and they shut it down. Every significant institution in the country has just gone along for the ride with the grooming of children and can thus be forced to back down under concerted community pressure.

Mass immigration will be much harder.

The Liberal Party loves it because it is addicted to economic growth. The Labor Party loves it because it gets to import voters, and unions love it because they get to import members. The Greens, academia and the Lying Press love it because they hate White people. Big business loves it because it suppresses wage growth and boosts profits.

In essence, the very survival of the government and corporate sector rests on the maintenance of mass immigration. Yet their survival is leading to the replacement of Australians in our own land.

Rival foreign gangs regularly do battle in Melbourne. A shortfall of 212,000 houses is predicted in coming years as 600,000 migrants are projected to arrive in the next two years.

Thus, mass immigration must be put front and centre of the political debate but the only people speaking out for the right of ordinary Australians not to be replaced are ordinary Australians. That is what is happening today (Saturday 13 May) on the steps of parliament house in Melbourne at 12pm.

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