More Pinochet Than Pinochet: Chile’s Constitutional Change


Whilst I was in the middle of writing yet another article, I was struck by the Telegram channel Southern Cross Intelligence, which is a dissident Telegram channel based in South America. Specifically, it takes about news regarding Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay and Chile. The link for telegram users is @southerncrossintel on your Telegram (make sure to download Telegram from its website and not from Google/Apple app store) for future updates regarding the world.

But back to the issue: Chile. When the Pinochet Regime ended in 1990, Chile was under the rule of a centre-left coalition known as the “Coalition of Parties for Democracy” liberal-conservative Sebastián Piñera won his terms of office in the 2010 and 2018 Presidential elections (having leftist Michelle Bachelet win in 2014).

Southern Cross Intelligence explains more about recent events:

So as many of our readers already know Chile underwent a very difficult time during the 2019 to 2020 (Although they continued well into 2022) “Estallido Social” (Social Outbreak) protest which was a color revolution with heavy Bolivian, Venezuelan and Cuban support aimed at the center “””right””” goverment at the time of Sebastian Piñera with the goal of his removal from office, the removal and replacement of the 1980 Constitution which was approved during the Presidency of General Augusto Pinochet (Pinocchio my beloved ) and remains active to this day.

SCI is referring to the 2019-20 demonstrations across Chile which were aimed against Piñera’s government, subway fare raises, cost of living, privatisation and income inequality. Influence from foreign nations and NGOs meant that the demands were based off wanting to implement greater government powers over utilities and public works, in other words a leftist power grab.

While the protests failed at removing Piñera, they were succesful in calling and subsequently winning the 2020 Constitutional Plebiscite and later on winning the 2021 General election.

The new constitution was the most leftwing constitution in the entirety of the Americas and was on par with those of Communist countries (including effectively banning foreign investment into the country and establishing new Mapuche subnations) for these reasons and also of a Chilean society which has grown tired of the lawlessness and riots the protest had caused it was decisively rejected thus forcing a new Constitutional Council Election and Plebiscite.

As we can see here, both individuals are quadruple masked and vaxxed with the “woman” making a fist so weak it would not lift a carton of milk let alone “bash the fash”.

In 2021, Gabriel Boric was elected as the youngest President of Chile at 35 years of age, having been only a “former student leader” and a negotiator for the new Constitution of Chile. The Plebiscite is referring to a vote where the public:

  1. Was asked if a new Constitution was required.
  2. Choosing a form of constitutional convention to organise the writing of said Constitution (either Mixed or Elected).

Also, note the establishment of “new Mapuche subnations”. If we end up with a Voice to Parliament, don’t be shocked when the Aborigines or the Jews start talking about divvying up the country into new “Aboriginal states”.

The proposed Constitution itself would have also allowed for:

  • The creation of universal healthcare, state-manded healthcare worse than the NHS in Britain.
  • A prohibition on gender discrimination, in other words, don’t make fun of wine aunts.
  • Gender parity mandate for public entities, in other words, another possible Britney Higgins saga.
  • New environmental protections, which would fit under the leftist “green” movement and not under genuine conservation. In other words, what you’d find in the Australian Greens’ platform.
  • A national education system which would increase access to education. Given we’re talking lefties here, don’t be surprised if teachers’ unions start talking about the gays in Chile.

But given that the left-wing has more or less been in control of the country since 1990, surely there would be no way that the Constitution proposed would fail.

And yet it did. By a margin of three million votes.


Proof once and for all that God is a shitposter. But it gets better.

(From Bellum Acta on Telegram) Counter-Revolution in Chile: On Today, May 7, 2023, after months of political stalemate, which started following the Rejection of a proposal to replace the Pinochet-era Constitution for a Socialist one by the Chilean population for a Democratic Referendum, a new election to vote into office the new members of the New Constitutional Assembly took place.

However, contrary to what was expected by the Left-Liberal government of Gabriel Boric and his more ideological allies, the unexpected happened: A Massive Victory for the Pinochetist “Republican Party” took place, with this appearing with 38% of the votes, on 1st first place of the elections.

Now, together with the Conservative Party “Chile Seguro”, the Pinochetists have an absolute majority to, theoretically, rewrite the Chilean constitution as they wish, contrary to the wishes of sectors that actively participated during the events of the so-called “Estallido Social Revolution” in 2019.

From Southern Cross Intelligence:

Today Chile voted for the representatives that would form the Constitutional Council which have the task to write a new Constitution to replace the currently standing one which was written by our beloved Generalissimo Augusto Pinochet, this is the second council elections as after the first council – which was overwhelmingly left-wing – wrote the most leftwing constitution in the Americas (including such things as new mapuche independent states within Chile and an effective ban on private investment from outside the country) and was soundly rejected in the follow up Constitutional Plebiscite as we’ve reported before.

The results for the new council have led to a right-wing supermajority meaning the right in Chile does not need a single leftwing vote to confirm the new constitution and present it to the Chilean people for a new Plebiscite vote, after which it’s either voted as the highest law in the land or is struck down and the process repeated.

It is especially ironic the entire rewriting of the constitution was done to remove the previous Pinochet constitution, which is now looking to be even more Pinochet than previously thought possible, cheers Chile!

I guess Pinochet can drop communists even from heaven.

Now, what does this mean? Well, the Republican Party has taken 22 seats in the Constitutional Council as of 10:42pm on the 8th May. It is regarded as pro-Pinochet, far-right, national-conservative and right-wing populist. Its leader José Antonio Kast has advocated anti-immigration talking points, opposes same-sex marriage and abortion and has praised Pinochet’s economic policies (which is the reason why Chile is the only South/Central American country in the OECD). The party itself is strongly Christian, socially conservative, anti-feminist and anti-euthanasia.

And it has taken the largest share of the seats that will write Chile’s Constitution. Understand that by entrenching policies that rapidly reverse degeneracy into a binding document such as a constitution grants it not only the legal power to be willed into action, but also the pseudo-spiritual power that it grants to the nation state in protecting the people. If homosexuality is unconstitutional, no one will bat an eye if it is dealt with. Hungary for example has changed its Constitution by two-thirds parliamentary vote, decreeing that families are defined as a mother and a father and no one else. The great mistake the Anglosphere made was assuming that all parameters were covered when the specific constitution was entrenched. Australia should have entrenched the White Australia Policy or a Bill of Rights into the Constitution before it came to pass in 1901, rather than assuming that future High Courts and Parliaments and referendums could simply fill in the metaphorical gaps.

Chile can enforce a strictly Christian and White worldview courtesy not only of the far-right gaining the most seats, but also the centre-right/right-wing Safe Chile coalition gaining 11 seats compared to the left-wing coalition “Unity for Chile” gaining 17 seats. With an independent, it comes to a total of 51 seats for the Constitutional Council. The right-wing in this country can do all the work in creating a new Chile from the ashes. A strong Chile, a Christian Chile, a White Chile.

Much, however, has changed since Pinochet’s regime. The USA and globohomo at large, no longer requires privatisation or free-market economics in order to determine the lives of billions of people. Instead it prefers social liberalisation and moral liberalisation of “Diversity, Equity and Inclusion”, increasing government spending as well as a synthesis of Blackrock/Vanguard/kosher-certified corporate muscle as well as NGOs and quasi-autonomous government authorities. All designed to destroy the White race one nation at a time. Chile is no different.

But the ensuing Constitutional changes will allow for nature to heal, so to speak. By having the far-right take command over a nation-state’s most important document, it would not only normalise the influence of those with such “controversial views” but it would also force centre-right parties to accept the new dichotomy for something so vital to the nation as a constitution. With a constitution drafted, it will no doubt go to the voters who were quick to dismiss the leftist proposal as it had “intense criticism that it was too long, too left-wing and too radical“.

Such news should be celebrated by the far-right everywhere, as White people across the world make their stand against the globohomo which strangles us the longer we remain timid or ignorant of its effects.

In the words of Augusto Pinochet himself, “Everything I did, all my actions, all of the problems I had I dedicate to God and to Chile, because I kept Chile from being Communist.

And as for the lefties that are still seething, I suggest you follow the leader Allende.

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