Just another day with pure blood in my veins

Blood clot extract, magnified 50x. Source.

Vox Day drew my attention to evidence that the blood clots that the vaccinated are suffering from are not blood clots at all, but rather “auto assembling protein structures.” At the link he provides there are a bunch of close up photos of these protein structures that have been extracted from bodies in autopsies. They wouldn’t look out of place in a remake of the Alien movies.

Every day that I wake up is yet another morning where I can celebrate the fact that I am a pureblood, and the juice that is running around in my veins is free of these nasty contaminants. It’s somewhat ironic that so many people lined up to have this gunk shot into their systems, when the very same people are so anally retentive concerning what food they allow into their gob. Bio-this, and eco-that are just the beginning. And heaven help anyone who makes the error of lighting a cigarette within four square kilometers of them. In such a situation it will be very much an attack of the Karen. Release the Karen!

For me personally the last two years have not been much fun. Not submitting to the vaxx meant a great deal of hardship and small personal humiliations as I was shut out of society. At one point I had to resort to paying someone to do my shopping for me as my unvaxxed carcass was not permitted to sully the bounds of the supermarket.

But now it looks like we’re out of the woods on this thing, (although I wouldn’t put it past them to ramp it all up again). I very much doubt there exists anyone alive who regrets not getting the vaxx. If such an individual existed then he could solve his suffering by going down to the medical establishments and rolling up his sleeve. No, such a circumstance must be impossible, even in this ludicrous world.

But the vaxxed who regret their actions? I’m pretty sure that the line forms to the left and wanders most of the way around the planet. I felt a little twinge in my chest today, but I didn’t really think much of it. But what if I were vaxxed? Then every new twinge would become a potential source of misery as my mind would pile anxiety upon anxiety at what might be happening inside my veins.

Thankfully for myself I do not have to weather that storm. But plenty of people do, including the vast majority of my friends and family. I do not want bizarre alien-like protein shakes to be their fate. I would very much like for everyone who caved to be given a free run from the awful consequences of their actions. Unfortunately, that’s not how the world works.

The vaxx dilemma that everyone was forced into playing was a classic example of short term pain/long term gain, and its mirror image. For those who resisted the pressure to submit to the authorities and their dubious concoctions there was a great deal of short term pain as we were systematically shut out of society. But we’re almost through all of that short term pain, so now is the time to begin enjoying those long term gains.

But for the vaxxed who dutifully submitted in order to continue going to their favorite coffee shop, it looks like the party is over. Those long term pain consequences are knocking at the door. And it’s like they won’t be cheated of what’s coming to them.

I met a nice girl the other day, she was into me, the usual stuff. I asked her if she had been vaxxed. Third booster jackpot! I made my excuses, regretfully. Not that many of us purebloods out there, it seems. Oh wells, I can always go down and roll up my sleeve and join the in crowd!

I told you there was that one lunatic on earth who regretted not getting vaxxed. Out of my way, I’m heading for the clinic!

Originally published at Pushing Rubber Downhill. You can purchase Adam’s books here.

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