No ScoMo: We Were Never Asked About Lockdowns


Scott Morrison appears to be labouring under the impression that the lockdowns endured by Australians for the last two years were a decision arrived at by some kind of collective agreement that we had to put masks on kids to save grandma.

Or he could just be plain old lying.

“Families have been separated, business and livelihoods closed, schools disrupted. But that sacrifice is the price we all decided to pay for being a caring, generous and supportive country. A country that looks out for all of its people. So from me, a big thank you today.”

Has this guy been on another planet?

The separation of families, the devastation of small business and the child abuse that is “online learning” was decided upon by Australia’s ruling class. We the people were never asked. We never had a say in the matter. Anybody who did try to oppose this unilateral decision by our ruling class had their hip broken:

Or was slammed face first into the concrete:

Or had the butt of a rifle smashed into their spine:

Various members of the ruling class played their part in pretending that their unilateral decision to place entire cities under house arrest was some kind of great national effort. Some played bad cop, some played good cop, some played crazy cat lady:

Daniel Andrews became an expert at softening direct threats to people’s livelihoods if they didn’t take the jab with weird pep talks about how proud he was of Victorians who took his threats seriously and got vaccinated.

It’s psychopathic.

This is the context in which we can view Scott Morrison’s empty platitudes. Australia is not a caring, generous and supportive country. It is a surveillance state, a police state, an open air prison.

They are literally building the camps.

Even more astounding is that Scott Morrison can attempt to put on this act after he has completely betrayed his voters by committing Australia to achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. This will ruin Australia’s economy, our energy production and our food production. It’s criminal, yet he stands up there and pretends to be a good conservative for boomers who will always trust him.

Refreshingly, the protests are not subsiding now that we have been granted a temporary reprieve. The protest in Melbourne today was huge. More importantly, people are waking up to the fact that the entire political class in Australia is on the same side – that of the political class. They were betraying the Australian people before Covid via mass replacement immigration, and their environmental agenda intends to intensify this betrayal.

On these three points – replacement immigration, Covid lockdowns and vaccine mandates, net zero – the Australian people have never been asked and our voice has been actively suppressed. The political class actively oppose the will of the Australian people, thus the political class must be removed.

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