Dan wheels out ANGRY NURSE after losing control of The Narrative


A significant proportion of health workers in Australia, Europe and America are yet to be vaccinated. In some sectors in South Australia the rate is as high as a third, and in New York State, where over 70,000 healthcare workers could walk, the governor is considering calling in the National Guard to fill the shortfall.

Crucially, many nurses have begun protesting in public against mandatory vaccination, stating that many people are only getting the jab because they are being forced to, and that they are being silenced by the Health Department.

Thus large numbers of doctors and nurses, ie experts, are against mandatory vaccinations, and either do not consider vaccination necessary to do their work safely, or their professional expertise tells them that the vaccines are not safe.

This is the context in which a press conference today by an angry woman claiming to be a Victorian nurse can be viewed. The Andrews government is desperate to promote a pro-vaccine mandate message, but more importantly, it wants to give the impression that health workers are on their side.

“One of the saddest things I’ve seen over the last few weeks is people wanting the vaccination just before we put them on a life support machine. That is the absolute truth. They’re begging for the vaccination. They’re very young. And once we get to that and we’re about to put them on life support, it is really too late.”

Funny how any information which disputes this narrative is actively suppressed.

“They can have the vaccination down the track. That can be an option, but right then in their healthcare journey….”

I have to interrupt here…. have you heard the phrase “healthcare journey” used ever before in your life? They’re telling her what to say, they wrote it down, she rehearsed it, and then they produced a video complete with text, and short enough that it could be uploaded to Twitter, so they could push The Narrative.


“….it is too late and their families are remorseful. They’re begging us to give them the vaccination. This could be you.”

This could be you.

“If you’re waiting now to get the vaccination. If you are waiting, it is your window not to be this person.”

***Camera zooms in***

“We are absolutely begging you. Go out and do the one thing you can do for yourself. The one thing you can do for your family and your loved ones, and the one thing you can do for your healthcare system is to get vaccinated. Please do not wait. I know you’re frustrated. I know you’re scared. I know you’re over it. We’re all over it. But it’s time. It’s time to absolutely make a difference.”

***Camera fades***

People who do not want to get the vaccine are not “frustrated” and “scared”, they are well informed. Data from Australia proves that you are more likely to have an adverse reaction or die from a Covid “vaccine” than you are to get sick or die from Covid if you are unvaccinated.

Importantly, many doctors and nurses are telling stories of a wave of heart related illnesses as a result of Covid vaccines on uncensored platforms such as Telegram. Let’s look at a couple of messages from the site Nurses Speak Out:

Whistleblower #0023
RN, Regional NSW.
AHPRA Verified ✅

Reported by REGISTERED NURSE from Regional NSW:

(1). 62 year old with blood clot on lung post AstraZeneca- ICU admission

(2). 35 year old with severe headaches and blood clot on brain- ICU admission 2 weeks- sent home to have MRIs every 2 weeks as followup

(3). 27 Year old Male- Pericarditis following Pfizer

(4). 19 Year old female- cardiac arrest 3 days post pfizer (deceased)
…and many others.

V status not being consistently asked or documented in eMR- medical team not looking to make correlation. Medical team worried about AHPRA and their careers if they speak out.


Whistleblower #0025
Senior Clinical Nurse Specialist, Metropolitan Hospital, NSW.

Hi there,
I am a senior Nurse (CNS2) in a metropolitan hospital, NSW.

My usual role is in Cardiology.
My lengthy career is ending this week, after decades in the acute sector.

I have seen many patients both in ED and Cardiology with vaccine SE’s .
These are LARGELY under-recognised, and RARELY reported. I have told relatives to make their own TGA reports as reporting in the acute sector is NOT HAPPENING.

Doctors are RARELY attributing the various conditions to vaccination, but when you take a history it is very easy to join the dots.

Heart attacks (all ages), acute myocarditis / pericarditis, DRASTIC deterioration in EF (ejection fraction – index of heart’s pumping strength), ie worsening in heart failure.

I understand that many are presenting with strokes, and other neurological complications.

Diabetes has been far more unstable in some, and difficult to manage, with very labile BSLs.

I have seen colleagues with gastrointestinal SE, recurrent pneumonias

Many non- injected, including myself have experienced symptoms from spike protein transmission (shedding).

GI pain (severe), headaches, migraines, sleep disturbance.
I have seen bizarre changes in pathology, huge drops in haemaglobin, and derangements in biochemistry (Na, kidney function).

I had a secondment in Aged Care and after the vaccination was rolled out in Facilities, saw MANY acute deteriorations, with increases in death rates above normal
Loss of speech, loss of mobility, chest infections.

My sister in law works in community aged care, and has seen MANY SE as well. Renal Failure, siezures, acute loss of mobility with resultant falls.
Many of the elderly she has cared for and knows well have had their death hastened, or had to move into residential care as they now cannot manage at home.

The stories just go on like this. Obviously, they do not align with the message from the angry nurse whom the Andrews government has wheeled out for us today.

Someone is lying.

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