Nurses Protest Mandatory Jab: VICTORIA POLICE CAN’T BASH THEM


When all you have is a hammer, every problem looks like an old lady to Victoria Police.

Melbourne nurses appear to have found their weakness though. A brave group of nurses has made a silent, socially distanced protest against mandatory vaccinations at a Mellbourne Park.

You can hear the helicopter whirling overhead as the women are surrounded by police. The Stasi can do nothing. Imagine the optics of bashing their fellow first responders?

Naturally, the media are reticent to report on the protest. In this video a nurse who works at a vaccine hub points out that most people she sees tell her they are not particularly worried about Covid itself, but are only getting the jab because they want to get their old lives back

This is how the Regime gets you. It forces people to take the vaccine in this way, then uses the fact that it has been able to blackmail so many people into taking the jab as proof that the majority of people take Covid seriously when they actually don’t.

The truth is that the majority of people are simply cowards.

As XYZ News has pointed out, we are told to trust the experts on Covid and vaccines. These people are the experts, it is their job to be their experts. Yet not only are a significant proportion of these experts hesitant or refusing to take dangerous Covid vaccines, a brave segment of them are now protesting against mandatory vaccination.

A good resource for stories from healthcare workers who state that they are being prevented from telling the truth about Covid and Vaccines is Nurses Speak Out on Telegram. The page contains many testimonials, as well as links to nurses telling their story on camera. Reignite Democracy is also providing an opportunity for doctora and nurses to blow the whistle on the Covid Tyranny.

The most important development to come from this protest is that we have discovered Victoria Police’s Achilles’ Heel. Melbourne’s police force knows no shame. Last week they violated the sanctity of the Shrine of Remembrance, shooting peaceful protesters in the back on sacred soil.

Yet they appear stricken at the sight of a handful of diminutive nurses.


Here is my proposal for how to conduct public protests against lockdowns and vaccine passports going forward. Ring every single group of protesters, large or small, with nurses. Make sure the nurses are wearing their full uniform.

This is not a joke. We are in an information war and a war of attrition, with a key objective being to win hearts and minds. Bashing old women is good optics for police because it deters others from going to protests, and police know the media will cover for them. The current narrative is that protests are dying out, so the masses will assume that everyone is just going along with lockdowns and mandatory vaccines.

If organisers can find a way to keep large numbers showing up to protests, as they have in Europe, then the Regime Narrative collapses. Thousands of people in the streets day after day, week after week would be a disaster for the Andrews government. If dozens of frontline workers form a protective ring around protesters the next time they show up at a random park in a random Melbourne suburb, they just might be able to maintain momentum.

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