UPDATE: Take this story with a big grain of salt, as we have been unable to get confirmation.

If there was no Truckie Strike yesterday, then what do you call this?




And all these reports of traffic congestion during a supposed lockdown:

Videos are even surfacing claiming to be from truckers in America, Brazil and France striking in solidarity.

This confirms yesterday’s hunch that a social media post claiming that posts were being deleted was in fact genuine.

It confirms yesterday’s hunch that a report which claimed a truck convoy headed to block the Hume was intercepted by police and army personnel was genuine:

JUST IN – a large blockade that was planned for the Hume Highway, NSW has reportedly been intercepted by the Public Order Response Team.

It confirms suspicions that One Nation’s GayOp on August 30, where Pauline Hanson very easily convinced a couple of truckies to cease their blockade after an hour, was indeed a GayOp designed to confuse and demoralise anti-lockdown activists.

There is even deep suspicion that a video of a teary woman in an Aussie flag top telling everybody how upset she is that the truckies didn’t turn up was a GayOp as well. (That one’s a rabbit hole, I’ll save it for another article.)

The videos of truckie convoys are from yesterday, so it is entirely plausible that the Regime has done its best to delete social media posts advertising the fact that a truckie strike was indeed underway. It’s legal for them to do that now.

Furthermore, the Lying Press, even so-called “commerical” Lying Press, is now for all intents and purposes an instrument of state control. They’re not going to report on the truckie strike. They want people to think it didn’t happen. They want activists to be angry at truckies. They want truckies to think it’s not happening and just get back to work.

All of this information lines up with yesterday’s analysis:

What I am saying here is that the Australian government understands that it is in a war and it is fighting as though it is in a war:

  • It is running PsyOps to confuse and demoralise its enemy.
  • It is targeting enemy leaders.
  • It is sending its full force against the enemy’s most dangerous assets.
  • It is controlling the narrative of the campaign through its control of the Lying Press.

I haven’t see any footage of trucks parked up or in convoy today, so I don’t know if the truckie strike has become a truckie blockade. This also means that the Regime’s attempts to disrupt communications among anti-lockdown activists is working.

But you can’t stop the signal.

Doubtless, more videos will emerge, and The XYZ will share them. If supermarket shelves start looking bare in a couple of weeks, then Aussies find out that the Regime has been hiding a blockade from them for a couple of weeks, there is going to be a slight scandal.

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