Fuck You Pauline Hanson



Pauline Hanson has convinced a truckie manlet with no balls to go home and give up just as he was about to accomplish something. Two trucks had blocked the main highway on the Gold Coast to protest against vaccine passports and covid lockdowns but they only stayed for an hour.

Traffic is now flowing again. But you know, they “made their point.”

Pauline: “You’ve made your point.

Manlet: “I’ll do it for you.”

What an utter cuck. He wanted to let Aussies get to work. He didn’t want to piss off Aussies. But wasn’t that the whole point? Aussies are pissed because we can’t go to work and we are being forced to inject poison into our bodies.

The whole point of a revolution is to piss people off. How do these people think they are going to get anything done? The whole point is that you stay there, you stand your ground and you don’t back down, no matter what the cost. That’s what it takes.

Going home isn’t going to scare the Regime.

Trucks had blockaded the highway near the Caltex at Robina, just inside the Queensland border on the Gold Coast. Traffic was backed up for miles and they had gotten the attention of the Lying Press.

If there is any group of people in Australia who have the power to force the government to change policy it is truckies. They were starting something. This was the moment. If they had stood their ground and were backed by others they could have brought Queensland to a grinding halt, the country to a grinding halt, and forced the government to act.

But if there is anybody who has the power to convince a bunch of people who are about to make genuine change that benefits real Australians to back off and trust the democratic process, even though that democratic process has continually failed us for nearly 80 years, it is Pauline Hanson.

Jaz Searby concurs:

Today’s snap Truckie protest lasted 1 hour before senator Pauline Hanson called it off and the drivers left… That is fucking weak!

When will people learn these politicians are not on our side?

Tomorrow the men of Australia need to hold the line!

As does James Fox Higgins:

It would seem that Pauline Hanson came in to co-opt the event as a photo opportunity and then told them to shut it down and move on.

So much for “we’re not moving until our demands are met”! Seems like the demand was just a bit of attention from Pauline. Shame.

This literally could have been the spark that kicked off a worldwide revolution against the globalist elite. But a politician who has long been controlled opposition convinced a little man who couldn’t stand up to a woman to go home.

You absolute snake.