The fake nitrogen crisis and stealing land


I read somewhere recently that the movements and manipulations of the elite seem designed to subvert humanity to some sort of techno-feudalism, a world where the elite own all of the land and productive elements and those lower plebs who are allowed to exist toil away where automation cannot do the work. The contrast was made with the end of the Roman empire, where landlords became so exponentially wealthy that they became lords due to the breadth of their wealth and power.

Now, don’t get me wrong; I’m all for feudalism when the lords are answerable to God and aspire to look after their people in a similar fashion. But the techno-feudalistic wonderland which the elite jerk themselves off dreaming about is positively grounded in the secular. Which means that it will fail but there will be a hell of a lot of pain on that final road.

One of the barriers in the way to the elite is the pesky matter of the plebs of today owning land, particularly farmland, the price of which has skyrocketed over the last few decades. In the West, farming is primarily a family affair. The land gets handed down to the kids who continue the practice. The Netherlands is no different to this than any other western nation in which I have spent time. If anything, this part of the world is even more grounded in family farming. The cities in the Netherlands are small in comparison to most other countries I have seen. And immediately outside the cities begin the family farms. Which makes driving to work rather pleasant in this lovely green and waterlogged land.

Over the last couple of decades, Brussels has been steadily attempting to bankrupt farmers through aggressive climate policies, which have nothing to do with the climate and everything to do with confiscating the land. But it seems that things are about to step up a notch. Not content with their absurd claim that carbon dioxide, also known as plant food, is a pollutant, the boffins in Brussels have now decreed that nitrogen is the new climate enemy.

If you know anything about chemistry, really just a basic understanding, you will know that this is ridiculous. Nitrogen is not only an inert gas, which means that it has no effect on us or the planet, it comprises over 78% of the atmosphere. That is an awful lot of nitrogen. If you want to take it to parts per million you get almost 800,000ppm. In other words, anything extra that us puny humans manage to put into the atmosphere on a global basis won’t even dent that figure. Nitrogen is everywhere. Attempting to legislate against nitrogen is like the city of Atlantis attempting to legislate against salt water.

But that doesn’t stop our elite. Remember, they want the land.

Could forced farm buyouts solve the nitrogen emissions crisis?

Although an expropriation policy would be politically sensitive and would cost some €2 to €3 billion, laws already exist for the state to take over land and it could then simply be given over to nature rather than farming. In 2019, the highest Dutch court ruled that the state was miscalculating building-related emissions, meaning it needed to do more to limit the release of pollutant gases such as ammonia, which also arise from animal waste. These can affect the quality of the nearby ground and water …

… Jacques Sluysman, an expert in expropriation – the state takeover of land – at Radboud University Nijmegen told the NRC that ‘expropriation almost always goes ahead’ and suggested that such action would take on average two or three years. Farmers would be fully compensated, including for their assets and lost income, he suggested.

You can bet that while in the short term the valuable land would be “handed over to nature” as is claimed, once the Great Reset has been achieved then it will suddenly be found to be productive again. As for the proposed compensation, this is a scam in that the farming family loses the ability to hand down the land to their children. The other unanswered bugbear is about that tricky business of feeding people, you know, the reason that farms exist in the first place. But perhaps such output will not be needed once all of those pesky people have been eliminated through the wonders of modern technology. Trust the science.

Perhaps you have not yet heard of the manufactured nitrogen emissions crisis, but it is a big deal in Europe with farmers already mightily pissed off over policies that are specifically designed to put them out of business. But they want the land and they intend to take it. Remember, you will own nothing and be happy. Half of that sentence could turn out to be true.

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