Thor Attacks Victoria With His Hammer


The ancient avatar of the White Man was awakened by chants in the Grampian Mountains over the past year.

As he rose he took a look at the appalling state of affairs that the White men are in. Many cringe like dogs under the whip handle of cowardly tyrants, from Victoria to Canberra and New South Wales. Tradies however have made him proud.

Thor lifted his mighty hammer and slammed it into the ground, shattering windows and brickwork. The cowards will soon be begging the tradies to fix the damage. Thor will not rest.

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Blackthorn Jack has traversed many mountains and valleys of the world learning about exotic cultures. He noticed that the capital of Japan is full of Japanese, the Capital of India is full of Indians, the Capital of Nigeria is full of Nigerians but the Capital of England is only 40% English! What's going on? He studies natural medicine and seeks cures for anti-white meme pathogens.