Australia to get nuclear subs for a country which no longer exists


Australia is finally getting nuclear submarines.

Look Mum, no hands.


We could get nuclear weapons at this point and it wouldn’t matter a jot. What have nuclear weapons ever done for the Americans?

Australia is on the brink of a major overhaul of its $90-billion submarine building program, as part of a new formal three-way alliance with the United States and the United Kingdom.

The United Kingdom? Have nuclear weapons protected a million British girls from being raped by foreign invaders?

In a further significant move, the new submarines will be nuclear-powered.

The federal government had initially struck a deal with French company Naval Group for the mammoth program to overhaul defence’s ability to protect Australian waters and interests.

But after delays and problems with the deal, a joint announcement was made Thursday morning by Prime Minister Scott Morrison, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson and US President Joe Biden.

They’ll commit to spending the next 18 months identifying the best way to produce nuclear-powered submarines instead.

It is unclear exactly what this means for the Naval Group deal.

The three nations also committed to a three-way partnership, called AUKUS, which will largely be focused on deeper defence and security ties.

It’s badged as a way to secure stability in the Indo-Pacific region but appears aimed at bringing countries together in a show of strength against China.

Previous Australian submarines were diesel-electric-powered, and the move to nuclear will come with a recommitment by all three nations to nuclear non-proliferation.

50 years ago an alliance between Australia, America and Great Britain to build nuclear subs and to ward off Communist China would have been awesome. It would have been an alliance of explicitly Christian, Anglo, Patriarchal and free nations. Actually, I think we had something like that, minus the nuclear subs.

However, what good are the most destructive capabilities in human history when your government lets your enemy in through the front door?

Now, each of these former flowers of English civilisation are a murky mix of every nation in the world, with indigenous Anglos, Saxons and Celts being deliberately replaced by government policy, and with tyranny being enforced under the pretext of a little sniffle.

In such a situation, the more sophisticated the weaponry in the hands of the government merely means the more sophisticated the weaponry which will be turned against our people.