VIDEO: Extremist Hate Propaganda by Lying Press outlet against Freedom Protesters


nEwS.cOm have produced the most insane, extremist, hateful video of any Lying Press outlet in Australia (until now) against Freedom Rally protesters, so-called “Covid deniers” and the so-called “vaccine hesistant”.

I say “until now” because we know they can always ramp it up. If ever you think to yourself, “there is no way they would go that far”, then they have probably wargamed for the next hree steps after that.

Here is the video in question – WARNING: EXTREMIST CONTENT:


The lights will be low, you can relax now. When you’re very close to the end your family will be called, salty tears splashing across their cheeks while they whisper “I love you” into the receiver, a lifetime away. At the end, after your last breath we will be there to offer condolences, “sorry we couldn’t do more,” “sorry your heart is broken”.

We will care for you until the caretaker comes to zip you up in a thick rubber cadaver bag and roll you away, you brave COVID denier, look at the legacy you’ve left behind.

You are now free.


Seriously, what? “Zip you up in a thick, rubber cadaver bag.”

That’s mental.

When I first watched this I thought it was a joke. It’s not a joke. They actually expect us to take the soppy music and quivering female voice-over seriously. I always like to point out that before anything is published by big news organisations it has to go past a lot of people. At no point did anybody say, “You know, I think this might be taking things a step too far.”

It represents both an outsourcing and an escalation of the government’s much-maligned Covid fear porn:

When we are talking about global corporations, there basically is no private sector. The crony capitalists and The Regime are one, and they are openly wishing death upon us.

I wonder what ASIO have to say about this? This is extremist content which demonises people and incites violence against them for their political views. This is violent extremism, terrorism, and it appears to have the blessing of the state.

What happened to “People can think and say whatever they like, as long as we’re selling newspapers and making money”? Now it is “Comply or you get the body bag while we laugh at you.”

As we have observed, The Regime appears unnerved by the size of the Worldwide Freedom Rally protests last month, and deeply concerned that they will be overwhelming this weekend. As such they are going all-out in their attempt to put in place their system of control before opposition to the globalist agenda reaches a critical mass.

Perhaps they will get the BBC treatment this weekend.