BASED: George Christiensen talks with Alex Jones


Along with being a highly entertaining lunatic, basically everything Alex Jones has ever predicted has come true. Here is footage of him from 2013 predicting each aspect of the Covid Tyranny program:

He recently spoke with Australian Nationals MP George Christiensen, who has consistently condemned the Covid Tyranny unfolding in Australia:

They discussed the brutality of Victorian police against anti-lockdown protesters, vaccine mandates and the building of Covid Camps which look very much like concentration camps.

Naturally, the establishment is furious with him for smashing the Overton Window:

The acting leader of the Nationals says party backbencher MP George Christensen should be condemned for supporting comments likening Australia’s COVID-19 health measures to Auschwitz and the Tiananmen Square massacre.

David Littleproud said he had attempted to contact Mr Christensen this morning to ask him to reflect on his judgement in deciding to appear on the web series of a far-right conspiracy theorist in the United States, where the comments were made.

“I have to say, we as a National party have to condemn — we respect his right for freedom of speech. But with that comes a responsibility,” said Mr Littleproud, who is heading the party while leader Barnaby Joyce is overseas.

“We want to work constructively with George, but know that there are limits and there are boundaries that we as federal politicians have to adhere to.

“He is a respected member of the party room, and we want to have a conversation with him about respecting the party room back.”

Mr Christensen, who is retiring at the next election, has been a frequent and vocal critic of pandemic controls, prolifically posting on social media to voice his opposition to lockdowns and vaccinations.

Last month he used a speech in federal parliament to liken state and territory COVID-19 restrictions to the totalitarian regimes of Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union, calling for civil disobedience as a response.

His latest comments were featured on the Infowars web series hosted by far-right American conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, who has been largely banned from social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube for violating hate speech policies.

By 2017, Alex Jones’ Infowars was the most popular news program on the planet. He got more views on YouTube than prime time American mainstream news programs on major TV networks. Rather than attempt to compete with him or admit that the reason he is popular is because the Lying Press always lies, they just censored him off every major social media platform on the internet.

Regarding the references made by Christiensen to historical totalitarian regimes, his comparison of Covid lockdowns and vaccine mandates to the communist dictatorships of Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot are spot on. Communism has killed somewhere between 100-200 million people and it is still going. The globalist entities pushing the Covid Tyranny agenda are the ideological descendants of the jews who butchered the Russian people in the 1920’s and 1930’s.

The agenda is global depopulation and the relegation of the survivors to the role of deracinated serfs who subsist on bugs, own nothing, have no privacy but are happy.

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