Truckie Tracing Creates Covid Chaos in South Australia


Two truckies who have tested positive to Covid have caused chaos across several states as authorities desperately try to figure out where they have been so they can find out if they made anybody sick and, if necessary, gas them.

The XYZ has gained exclusive footage of the moment that one of the trucks jumped over a Formula 1 car.

Then one of the truckies tried to clear a freeway but his truck exploded.

Several eyewitnesses claim they saw the truck change colour and detailing.

Other witnesses claim it turned into a giant robot which got into a fight with another robot, flattening several blocks in central Adelaide. Geelong players say this is the reason they fumbled the ball so much last night against Port Adelaide.

Anyway, the real story is far more mundane.

From the Lying Press:

SA Health has announced four Tier 1 Covid exposure sites linked to two truck drivers from NSW who have tested positive for Covid-19 having driven to Western Australia via Victoria and South Australia, arriving in Perth on Thursday night.

There are two exposure sites in Ceduna and two in Port Augusta…

Anyone who visited these locations during the times listed must get tested immediately and quarantine at home with all the members of their household.

On Friday an SA Health spokesman said “We are aware of the two positive cases and aware of them travelling through South Australia and we are undertaking a risk assessment”.

WA Premier Mark Mc­Gow­an said the men, aged 23 and 29, had contact with only four people, stopping at the Yellowdine Roadhouse near Southern Cross, a service station in Norseman and at the South Australia-WA checkpoint.

He said the pair had both had one dose of the Pfizer vaccine and wore masks while outside their truck. He said he had been advised that the risk was low.

The not-vaccine doesn’t stop you testing positive to Covid and it certainly doesn’t prevent you from dying of it.

The drivers are mildly symptomatic and quarantining at a medi-hotel in Perth.

The news came as Premier Steven Marshall reserved the right to impose snap border closures to high-case states once vaccination targets were reached, but said this would not be needed because of reduced Covid-19 transmission.

Not to get all conspiratorial, but the timing is very convenient. Aussie truckies are on the verge of open revolt in response to ridiculous Covid restrictions that forbid them from visiting restrooms in NSW service stations, stringent checking of their Covid paperz, and mandatory vaccination if they travel into Queensland.

They are threatening to block major supply arteries until the lockdowns are ended and the restrictions are lifted. So I am inclined to take a story of truckies carrying Covid across several states with a pinch of salt at the moment.