If 2 truckies can hold up a freeway, 200 can stop a nation


This morning what appears to have been either a psyop or a photo-op was held on the Gold Coast near the Queensland border. A national truckie strike called for tomorrow, 31 August was hijacked by longtime controlled opposition Pauline Hanson. Two truckies blocked the highway for an hour before she talked them out of it.

She then gave him a fair hearing, something the Lying Press will never give him, and even offered to pay his hefty fines. You know what they weren’t doing though? Blocking the highway.

Pauline kept stressing that it was important not to piss off Aussies. Brock the truckie referred to the fact that they only blocked off two lanes but the police blocked the other and that wasn’t fair.

What this tells us is that they didn’t turn up with the determination to see it through to the end. What do you think a blockade is? What do you think a blockade will do?

A real one, one where you have scores, hundreds of trucks across the whole country, shutting down multiple freeways in and out of major cities, would shut down the country.

It would also cause immense suffering. People would die. You’ll probably go to jail. But what other option do Australians have if we want to have a country where we are not forced to inject poison into our bodies at regular intervals? The not-vaccines are killing more people than Covid, and the whole thing is being used to implement a system of totalitarian control over our lives.

This is the mindset people should have for the big one tomorrow. Yes, it will be peaceful, but be prepared to see it through to the end.

The establishment are scared. They know that Aussie truckies supported by the Australian people have the ability to truly grind the country to a halt, and they know they will be forced to negotiate if they pull it off.

That is why they sent their favourite pawn Pauline out this morning. It was an attempt to demoralise opposition and keep Australians on the democratic plantation. Because they know that if 2 truckies can hold up a freeway, 200 can stop a nation.