Escalation of violence by Victoria Police can only result in one thing


The escalation of violence by Victoria Police can only result in one thing. Firing of multiple rounds of “rubber bullets” into the crowd (including when the crowd was leaving) is a deliberate provocation deliberately designed to incite a violent response.

The lamestream media has long been pushing the fake narrative that protestors are violent and politicians have been pushing both the rhetoric and the laws branding fully redpilled Australians as terrorists.

Expect more undercover cops to pose as protestors in the future and to engage in false flag acts of violence, inciting the more hot headed to join them.

There are currently multiple “permanent quarantine centres” being built across Australia. Each will have a capacity of at least 1000 people.

I think real violent protests are inevitable. I don’t think we can prevent them in the future. The anger of the mob is building. It is festering inside people. Police are likely going to die. Protestors are likely going to die. This is what the government’s billionaire overlords want.

Only an insurrection inside the police and military itself can stop this. Only if police and military refuse to obey orders can lives (and Australia) be saved. Even then, the Government has passed legislation last year for foreign troops to be deployed and be exempt from any liability for anything they do on Australian soil. I expect foreign troops will begin to be deployed whilst Australian police and military are still at the grumbling stage.

You have to remember that all of what is happening now has been through multiple “war games” simulations. They know what to expect and have multiple back up plans.

All we can do is keep telling the truth to anyone who is open to hearing it.

As more of our warnings come true, the more people will be open to listening.

Let me end with this. The final Red pill is Christianity. It is the rock upon which our civilisation was founded. It is the source of your freedoms. It is the basis of common law. It is also your path to salvation and eternal life of your soul. Without enough people returning to it, darkness will reign on this earth. If you find this too hard a red pill to swallow then that’s too bad. The elite rulers of this world believe what I am saying to be true and they think that a dark world with them in charge is achievable. You need to understand who the two sides are in this war. The elite know it and their fight is planned accordingly. Failure to recognise who the true enemy is, will simply see you as collateral damage.

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