CLAIM: 3 Schoolchildren DEAD from Vaccine at Sydney Olympic Stadium


The following video has been watched thousands of times on The XYZ’s Bitchute and Telegram channels and it is currently going off on Twitter.

But why not millions? Surely, footage of a boy collapsing at Olympic Stadium in Sydney after getting the Covid vaccine should be national and international news? However, I can’t find anything about it from the mainstream media Lying Press, and that makes me deeply suspicious.

The XYZ reported on this story on Tuesday, August 17, when it was claimed that three children had collapsed and 2 were in a coma. It should have been extremely disturbing for NSW authorities, particularly as Brad Hazzard had boasted that the children, whose parents were not allowed into the arena, would be well looked after.

But again, not a peep from the Lying Press. Why has no major news outlet in Australia made any effort to corroborate the claim that three schoolchildren collapsed at the Olympic Stadium in Sydney and two of them ended up in a coma? If they did, why have they not reported on this? What is there to hide? More to the point, what narrative are they protecting?

Now Alan Hennessy, whom it is claimed is a 45 year Australian Air Force veteran, has appeared on a news stream hosted by Stew Peters in the US claiming that the three children who collapsed have in fact died. He also warns that a 1 kilometre allowed radius is in store for locked down Melburnians, and repeats the claim by Jeff Kennett that Victoria will be in lockdown until 2022.

Again, nothing from the Lying Press on this matter. The appropriately named has repeated the claims and published more photographs of the collapsed boy.

This one takes the cake though.

This is real. Big Nosed Sister is displayed on massive television screens above the arena congratulating all the goy for being good cattle. If I had a dollar for every time time I could appropriately use the expression “1984 was supposed to be a warning, not a manual”, I would have enough money to outbid the globalists currently bribing or blackmailing our political leaders and put an end to this nonsense.