Not a good week for negroes: South Africa EXPLODES


At the start of the week three negroes lost a football match for Cuck Island. Deprived of their sportsball heroin hit, thousand of English football fans found the courage and conviction to contradict the dominant jewish narrative and call a negro a negro.

With the jews desperate to prevent a mass awakening which could make 2016 look like a naval skirmish between Luxembourg and Lichtenstein, a totally organic online petition has emerged with over 600,000 signatures demanding people provide a verified ID to ensure nobody can ever post anonymously on the internet ever again.

I wonder how many of them were bots.

Even a Lying Press outlet got caught up by their own logic in their haste to maintain the Party Line that diversity is our strength, forgetting that although we must religiously decry racism we must perpetually deny that race even exists.

Channel 7 accidentally acknowledges that race exists and everybody loses their mind

But then we get a reminder of what happens when your country is full of negroes, run by negroes, and the current negroes in power decide to jail the former negro in power.

South Africa has exploded in recent days after Jacob Zuma, the direct successor to Marxist terrorist Nelson Mandela, has been jailed for corruption. His supporters have ransacked not just shops but supply depots as well. The aerial shots are incredible.

Remind you of anything?

South Africa has gone World War Z.

This is the thing about stereotypes. They exist because they accurately describe reality.

Jews are stereotyped as parasitical because they suck a people dry over the course of several generations through their control of the money supply, while rotting away the soul of a people by subverting their culture and priesthood.

Negroes stereotype as a demon-spawn locust race because they lay waste to any semblance of Aryan civilisation wherever they are allowed to exist.

So the jews can try to prevent Aryans from pointing out that negroes are negroes and punish us when we do, but the simple fact that negroes are negroes means that they will continue to provide fresh reminders of their own accord.

South Africa is going the way of Rhodesia, which a couple of decades ago reverted to normal Africa programming once they destroyed the civilisation bequeathed to them: abject living hell. South Africa is likely to suffer the world’s first coronavirus famine, given that food supply depots are being looted and power companies are pulling out.

Prepare to be bombarded with images of starving negro children while fat middle aged antiwhite women desperately plead for us to give them our money and take them in as refugees. They will ignore the plight of the White South Africans just as they ignored the plight of White Ukrainians in the 1930s.

It would be a mistake to take in White South African refugees however. America and England are now several years behind South Africa, Australia a decade or so. If they flee here they will find in short order that they have leaped out of the frying pan into the the fire.

Ideally, in the 2020s South Africa will become to Aryans what Afghanistan in the 1980s was to muslims: A beacon to all young men prepared to fight for Aryans’ right to exist, to resist the invasion of our lands by a foreign people.