The Rainbow Nation Faces Revolution


So, while we’re on the subject of rainbows representing things that are gay, here’s South Africa’s submission for Pride Month courtesy of

“South Africa is on the verge of “collapse” amid rolling blackouts and warnings a total power grid failure could lead to mass rioting on the scale of a “civil war”.

Western embassies including the United States and Australia have advised their citizens in the country to stock up on “several days worth” of food and water and be on high alert during extended blackouts sweeping the country.

South Africa’s President Cyril Ramaphosa declared a national “state of disaster” on February 9 in response to the record electricity shortage, which has seen state-owned power company Eskom institute rolling blackouts – dubbed “load shedding” – lasting up to 12 hours in some cases.”

Let me be the first to say that it has not been thirty years since the end of Apartheid. Even when Whites were the minority rulers, the nation had a sense of purpose and stability. But now, after decades of Black rule and one-party domination courtesy of the African National Congress (a complete contradiction of the idea of the “Rainbow Democracy”), South Africa is on the edge of collapse. The end of Apartheid has led to 500,000 murders, state-sponsored attacks on Afrikaners as well as a political party (the Economic Freedom Front), which sings a song called “Kill The Boer”.

I should mention that despite the long struggle, a court ruled that the song is fine to sing, letting the numerous EFF supporters outside the court to sing their explicitly anti-White song, but I digress.

“Rolling blackouts (load shedding) are occurring throughout South Africa which are affecting private residences, businesses, municipal lighting, traffic lights and hotels,” Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade said earlier this month.

“Blackouts can also affect water availability, internet connectivity, mobile phone network coverage, fuel availability, residential security features, and food supply.”

DFAT warned power outages can increase crime. “For example, traffic jams due to power outages provide opportunities for smash-and-grab crime,” it said.

“Residences can be targeted when lights are out and security systems are not functioning. Ongoing conditions have led to increased protests and demonstrations, and in some cases, civil unrest, throughout the country.”

Despite making up the absolute majority of the population, joggers will continue to jog and future doctors and engineers will enter any house just to pay for their way to Europe, with all (((help))) given to them. In spite of this, we will march on with the Voice to Parliament and other multicultural experiments whether we asked for it or not. But we will resist and we must. South Africa will only prove our talking points while the leftists and milquetoast conservatives do nothing but stay silent or nod with reluctance. As violence escalates into conflict no different from Syria or Ukraine, the White Race must maintain numbers and strength as things fall apart, to quote W.B Yeats.

In a viral Twitter thread this week, a neighbourhood watch volunteer with civil rights group AfriForum argued South Africa “has collapsed”.

“We’re seeing an increase in co-ordinated attacks on water, power and comms infrastructure,” he wrote.

“Looting is no longer just a daily thing, but is also now becoming more structured with guerrilla planning involved. Our roads no longer exist. Anything that is state-run is crumbling. Police, fire and hospital resources for the state don’t exist and are also slowly disintegrating.”

He added the cost of living was “insane” with medical aid “a luxury that most cannot afford” while food prices were “going through the roof”.

“Our murder rate is higher than the death rate in Ukraine’s current conflict,” he wrote.

“Higher than an active war zone. Hundreds of rapes a day, thousands of kidnappings every month, 90 hijackings a day. Farmers being murdered like flies in the most brutal ways imaginable.”

The evidence is before us and it will always be before us. It was always bound to occur in a black-majority nation once the Whites were forced to end their rule. The consequences of Hendrik Vervoerd’s policy of Baasskap instead of a pure-White Volkstaad meant that any interaction the blacks had with the White South Africans would lead to a demand for a greater share of power. As much as I celebrate the man for saving Afrikaners and the position in the 1960s, I don’t see a reversion back to his point of view. Men like Enoch Powell and Robert Menzies would have made mention of South Africa in their notes as to why multiculturalism was not to be pursued, but in the case of the former such opposition was total and without exception.

“Ian Cameron from public safety lobby group Action Society said while he thought some of those claims were “a bit melodramatic”, there was “no doubt things are getting very bad in South Africa very quickly”.

“In some cases it’s really starting to look like Venezuela is starting to play out in front of us,” he told

Mr Cameron disagreed that there were “regular guerrilla tactics” but said there was a “very big opportunistic criminality that’s grown as socio-economic circumstances deteriorate”.

“We’ve got a huge problem with organised crime. Just between South Africa, Mozambique and Zimbabwe, there are 3.8 million illegal firearms being circulated. In South Africa, currently statistics show that only 14.5 per cent of murder cases are actually solved.”

But Mr Cameron agreed that prospect of a power grid failure was a huge concern.

“That poses a major threat,” he said.

“Everyone is quite nervous about the instability that could bring. The South African electricity grid is incredibly unstable and that poses a very, very big danger in terms of mass civil unrest. There is sporadic unrest at the moment all over the country but that’s normal, that’s something we see every day. What’s worrying is the amount of people that wouldn’t necessarily previously have gotten involved in civil unrest that now do get involved, and it often turns violent.”

He added the South African Police Service has a “major personnel shortage and that makes it challenging to control these types of riots”.

“The problem is the root cause of it,” he said.

“There’s general just complete collapse of municipal services in many parts of the country. It’s only in the Western Cape province where you’ve got a pretty well run province. You still have a lot of poverty and everything but it feels like a different country. And it’s only because it’s not governed by the ANC – every other province is falling apart.”

From AfriForum:

AfriForum’s annual farm murder report was launched today and although there was a decrease in reported cases, the 2022 report shows that the brutality of attacks has not decreased at all.

“There is no decrease in the brutality of farm attacks and murders. People are shot not just once, but repeatedly. In other cases, people were assaulted and died at the scene or later in hospital. Victims were also strangled, burned or stabbed to death during farm attacks,” says Johan Nortjé, a researcher at AfriForum.

“There are many victims who don’t report farm attacks to the police because they don’t think anything will be done about it anyway. They prefer to contact their private security companies or neighborhood guards, including those from AfriForum, if there is an incident,” says Chief Executive for Strategy Ernst Roets.

Let me spell it out. If Africans make the majority population of a White nation and there are power shortages, shortages of police, militant criminals, low crime solving rate, violence against White farmers, increased gun circulation, then it must be stated that most if not all those involved are African. Again, in the US blacks between 18-35 (7%) make up 60% of all violent crime since George Floyd’s overdose on fentanyl. The same can be said of the African gangs here, which aren’t actually gangs according to the Victorian “Uphold The Anal Sex” Police.

South Africa nevertheless presents us a timeline for what will occur in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the rest of the White world once we are a minority. Political corruption, one-party rule, power shortages, unemployment (1/3rd of all South Africans are unemployed) and anti-White violence that is ignored by our politicians and our media.

Places such as Orania would be a guiding light should anarchy and bedlam wreck the once great White Dominion of South Africa. Collectivisation or “starting to give a f–k” for lack of a better phrase, is all the more important for a White population regardless of percentage. Observers of the wider struggle of the White Race, such as Thomas Sewell, make the argument (paraphrasing) that we are better off to be ready when we’re 30% of the population rather than 10%. Orania for example has grown at a rate of 16.5% per year, so expect White flight to accelerate in the months and years to come for South Africa. We can only hope that they are not overwhelmed or treated like Waco.

Emigration will only go so far. Of course, the English have recently said that Australia would be a good alternative to the land of Shelley, Nelson, Montgomery, Powell and Tyndall. Such flight can work as many feel that multiculturalism is not worth living in and work towards the higher goals of White self-determination and ultimately White Power.

Of course, those that continue to worship multiculturalism after leaving non-white London or Birmingham will be bullied until collectivism improves.

But I don’t need to huff and puff about what needs to be done.


The Suidlanders, an emergency plan initiative officially founded in 2006 to prepare a Protestant Christian South African Minority for a coming violent revolution. We are non-aggressive and legal in our preparation. Constituted lawfully under Geneva Convention, with particular reference to Protocols I & II of the Protocols Additional, for the protection of non-combatant civilian Afrikaners (women, children, the elderly and the non-able bodied) in the event of a civil war. (see ‘The Geneva Convention’) In 2006 the signs were becoming clearer that anarchy in South Africa was a real possibility. While most people ignored these warning signs (see ‘The Coming Revolution’) the Suidlanders started to prepare. Today, many ardent deniers have to admit that anarchy in South Africa is not only possible but likely.

South Africa may be our litmus test for the next generation of racial strife, something that will make the George Floyd “Summer of Love” look like a joke. The good news is that as we see in England, Australia, France and other White nations, people are waking up to the problems of multiculturalism.

The next decade will be an exciting one indeed. While the anti-Whites continue to lash out one way or another, the White Race will always move, onwards and upwards towards victory.

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