Welcome to the Machine


Via William Tychonievich I watched the following short video of Jonathan Pageau taking apart a speech that Apple CEO Tim Cook gave to the ADL in 2018.

Pageau’s insights give clear notice of exactly where the Global System stands as regards to any that might oppose its aims for humanity. Cook simultaneously proclaims that anyone practicing “hate” has no place on their platform while advocating for their platform to encompass the entire world via the magic of Big Tech.

Cook’s moral stance is that they are on the side of good because that is what they have decided. Since the system has been created to include everybody then opposing the system is of itself bad in their eyes. Not only that, but those caught up in the system are not even allowed to feel any pain or anguish at their plight in life. We know that because Cook declared despair to be unethical.

Think about that for a moment. Let that sink in. If you are in the system but it is not working out for you to the extent that you begin to feel despair, then in Cook’s nightmare world, you are the problem. Perhaps some more re-education for you, comrade. Perhaps we will need to prescribe these drugs for you in order to make you more happy and accepting of your lot. Perhaps a frontal lobotomy is in order. You will be in the system and you will be happy because the system cannot be wrong.

But more than that, the system was imagined and designed by humans for humans. That is Cook’s big takeaway. It is man deciding on his own fate. It is man creating his own world. It is man in control and with the ultimate power. It is man as gods. It is the ultimate temptation of the serpent from the Garden of Eden. The tree of knowledge, the eating of the apple to be able to decide for ourselves the difference between good and evil and right and wrong based on our own summary judgement.

Cook states that the greatest thing that each of us is given is our judgement; our ability to separate right from wrong. This is simply pure evil because it was the devil who tempted man with the power of judgement. In the 64 virtues, judgement is considered a vice that is contrary to justice. But in the world of the system, this is the greatest gift of all.

What Cook means is that it is his judgement which is the greatest. After all, he is not on trial here; we are. He is secure in his own goodness, in his own benevolence to those who are lesser than is he.

This speech is able to be made at this time because the great and good of our nations have been cast down. Cook utters complete craziness such as despair is immoral and almost nobody bats an eyelid. Understand that universities have not been completely dumbed down for the collective masses that have been forced into them. Rather, universities were spiritually, morally, ethically and intellectually bankrupted so that the bright would not receive a level of education that would enable them to identify the frauds and evil-doers working to impose their system upon us.

The bright were brainwashed and bribed into believing in the machine. The machine is everything. To oppose the machine is immoral. To oppose the machine is counter-productive and counter-intuitive. It not only makes no sense to oppose the machine, the very act of doing so identifies you as a bug in the system that must be exterminated. Welcome to their brave new world.

Originally published at Pushing Rubber Downhill. You can purchase Adam’s books here.