Adam Goodes is still a SOOK


Adam Goodes was booed relentlessly for the last few years of his career because he is an arrogant, anti-White cheat. In the years since, the AFL and the spuriously named “arts” establishment have tried to reframe what happened and why.

This failed utterly because everybody hates Adam Goodes for the aforementioned reasons, and nobody likes Australian made films for basically the same reasons.

Unperturbed, the AFL is still trying to virtue signal and Adam Goodes is still finding a way to grandstand. Offered entry into the prestigious AFL Hall of Fame, Adam Goodes refused, because he is an arrogant, anti-White cheat.

From the AFL:

AFL COMMISSION chairman Richard Goyder says he “understands and respects” Adam Goodes’ decision to decline induction into the Australian Football Hall of Fame.

Goyder, also chairman of the Hall of Fame selection committee, said Goodes, a two-time Brownlow medallist who retired in 2015 after 372 matches and having been subjected to sustained racist booing in his final two seasons, had asked the AFL to refrain from outlining his reasons for rejecting the honour….


“Adam had asked the AFL to wait before announcing his decision, which has now been made public separately,” Goyder said….

“We hope that there will be a time in the future when Adam will want to be connected to the game again. This is a decision for Adam and Adam only and we understand and respect his choice.”

The Australian people booed Adam Goodes because we recognised that he symbolised the complete buggering over of the Australian people by the anti-White establishment, but in 2015 many of us still could not articulate this.

How does “get stuffed” sound, Adam?

Now we can.

Australia was founded as a homeland for the White subjects of the British Empire and our Celtic and Saxon brothers. Through the subversion of our immigration policy after World War Two by the jews, this original national purpose has been completely inverted.

Australia is now a country where the White man is the slave of every other race on the planet and is being deliberately replaced. Our government bases the entire economy on mass immigration-fuelled growth. It has established “multiculturalism” as the number one “Australian value”. Thus by definition it represents everybody else in the rest of the world against native Australian White people, and it makes us pay for them.

Adam Goodes was made Australian of the Year as a showcase of the new hellish reality that is “modern” Australia, and he responded by telling White Australians that this is not our land.

In booing him we accepted this hell, and many of us have taken this understanding to its logical conclusion:

We will not rest until every foreign invader is expelled and every traitor politician, judge, bureaucrat, police officer, academic and journalist faces justice.