Booing Adam Goodes is not racist, but it has everything to do with race


In June we noted that the AFL was planning a 1984-style rewrite of history when it apologised to Adam Goodes for supposedly not doing enough to stop crowds from booing him during the final years of his career, and alleging that this booing was racist.

This narrative belies the fact that the AFL actually went into full nanny corporation mode in an attempt to stop the boos, the fact that Adam Goodes was the only aboriginal player to get booed, the fact that crowds booed Goodes for his arrogant behaviour, insulting public statements and foul play, and the fact that crowds only started booing Goodes after he injected himself into identity politics debates in Australia.

The apology was issued ahead of a documentary due for release which would assist in this historical revisionism, and was used as a pretext for the introduction of so-called “Behavioural Awareness Officers”. While the latter was widely ridiculed, the documentary aired this week on Channel 10, leading to insistence from conservatives that the booing was not racist, and predictable insistence from the left that it was, and calls for the heads of those who publicly criticised Goodes.

While admirable, the arguments of conservatives that the booing was not racist is futile for two reasons.

Firstly, The AFL have used the standard leftist tactic of insisting that the cultural battle is already over. Just look at what Tanya Hosch, who holds the Orwellian title of “General Manager of Inclusion” at the AFL, has to say about the matter.

From the Australian:

AFL general Manager of Inclusion Tanya Hosch last night told Network 10’s The project that the AFL had erred by taking too long to work out how to respond to the booing directed at Goodes.

“I think taking too much time to determine how to respond,” she said.

“I feel like the AFL probably got stuck where a lot of Australia got stuck which was having a conversation and getting bogged down into a debate about whether the booing was racist or not rather than addressing something that was clearly racially motivated.”

As far as the AFL is concerned, the debate is over, the booing was racist, we have always been at war with Eastasia. SJW’s, otherwise known as anti-white communists, have full spectrum dominance of the public and private sector. The left can afford to ignore us because they know we are not going to make them pay for it.

The second reason conservative insistence that booing Adam Goodes was not “racist” is futile is that in doing so we accept the left’s frame of reference. The term “racism” is an anti-white racial slur invented by Jewish communists used to undermine the cohesion of formerly homogenous white nations, and to mask the unmitigated horrors committed by socialists during the 20th century.

In focusing solely on making the case no matter how forthrightly that booing Adam Goodes was not “racist”, the left still wins. White Australians continue to insist that our actions are colourblind and we continue to try as hard as we can to treat everybody equally on the basis of race. Meanwhile, non-whites continue to practice in-group preference; more institutions are founded to advocate for non-white interests, more institutions and corporations explicitly allow favourable treatment to non-whites with relation to hiring and promotion, and the in-group preference practiced both formally and informally by non-white communities is normalised.

In short, non-whites engage in behaviour which if practiced by whites would be called “racist”, while whites fastidiously avoid engaging in behaviour that could even come close to being perceived as in-group preference in order to avoid the life ending charge of “racism”.

In football it is the equivalent of one side whose players always attempt to pass to each other competing against a side whose players pass to any player regardless of what guernsey they wear. It would lead to a thrashing.

As so in the grand game of race.

White people have been brainwashed out of engaging in the perfectly normal behaviour of preferring to live and work with those of our extended British and European family. The enforcement of cultural norms via social ostracism, for example by booing a football player who tells Real Australians that Australia is not their land, is how a people defend themselves and perpetuate themselves and their culture. In labelling this behaviour as “racism”, parasites remove the immune system of a nation.

It is a state of affairs which if continued unabated will lead to whites becoming a minority in their own homelands, our increased marginalisation and our eventual replacement. Thus the term “racism” is actually a tool of white genocide.

We could win this small cultural battle and still lose the Culture War, which ultimately is a Racial Holy War against white people, because we are not treating it as such or even acknowledging that the the enemy fighting it exists.

Importantly, it was Goodes who made race an issue. White Australians were rightly incensed that he would condescendingly state “just remember whose land you’re on” given that white Australians had spent decades bending over backwards to atone for what we have been brainwashed into thinking are the sins of our white Australian forefathers.

Whether it is a referendum, native title, the national apology, or another referendum and change to the Australian Constitution, Aussies are realising that there is always something symbolic we have to do in order to atone for invented past sins, and we absolutely cannot move on until we have changed the law or said sorry for something, yet once this is done there will always be something else we are made to feel guilty for.

This is ultimately why we booed Adam Goodes. It wasn’t racist, but it had everything to do with race.

We white, Anglo-Celtic and European Australians are sick of being told we are evil, our country is evil, those who came before us are evil and that we have to keep giving hand over fist to make up for it.

This is why the rebuttals from the civic nationalist establishment are welcome but inadequate. We have to become immune to the charge of “racism” and relearn the so-called “racist” behavioural patterns we have been deliberately brainwashed to forget. If we are going to win, we must accept that the Culture War is a Racial Holy War and act accordingly.