Food for thought – Politics no good for Goodes

Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher
Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher

Footballer and self-appointed professor of racism, Adam Goodes, has been approached by Senator Nova Peris to run for the infamously dreadful Australian Labor Party at the next federal election as a candidate.

While the Lefty variety appear to be absolutely ecstatic about this, some of us can’t help but break out in hysterical laughter at the prospect of Goodes in Parliament.

Anyone who has the faintest idea about politics realizes that there is massive scrutiny and criticism involved with the job of representing a constituency. Remember Goodes is the bloke who couldn’t handle the heckling from a 12 year-old girl calling him a monkey.

If voters are seriously willing to put this sook into Parliament so he can throw a tantrum anytime debate doesn’t meet his culturally warped sensibilities then maybe we should just let the Wiggles rule Australia.

Food for thought.