Climate Alarmists forced to admit that it’s been cold


We’ve frozen our proverbial off this summer in Melbourne. Temperatures across Australia have been below average, and rainfall generally above average.

The so-called “new normal” of devastating bushfires each year is turning out to be not so normal.

Of course, we understand these bushfires were actually caused by deliberate mismanagement on the part of the Daniel Andrews government.

Now they’re back pedalling and shifting the goalposts.

When it’s hot, it’s climate change. When it’s cold and wet, it’s La Niña.

However, that excuse ignores the freezing winter in the northern hemisphere.

The whole planet has generally been cold. This fits the pattern predicted by proponents of the Grand Solar Minimum.

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The astute have noted that the global lockdowns under the pretext of the so-called “coronavirus” have achieved what decades of unpopular climate alarmism could not, ie reduce so-called “carbon emissions”.

The same people pushing global shutdown are the same people who have been warning us every 12 months that we only have 12 months to save the planet.

It’s a conspiracy.


Ultimately these psychopaths are working towards global depopulation. The vaccines they are rolling out globally produce an antibody distinct from the antibody produced when you just get the coronavirus, making recipients prime targets for a bioweapon under the disguise of a booster or new vaccine for a new strain. The Grand Solar Minimum will drastically cut global food production. A combination of global shutdowns, massive human die offs, reduced food production and generally colder weather could likely lead to a collapse of global supply chains. Those who do not have access to locally produced food will starve.

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If the vaccine doesn’t get you, the cold and starvation will. What is being planned here is a Holodomor 2.0 but on a global scale.