GRAND SOLAR MINIMUM: Global temperatures are plummeting


Normies might be losing their minds over their GoT thot queen turning into literally Hitler, but it’s the IRL Night King they should be concerned about.

We’re gonna need more than a chubby teen assassin with grrrl power this time.

It’s all so tiresome.

While those same depressed normies obsess over imaginary sea level rises and the coal monster, the Grand Solar Minimum is hitting hard around the world.

And this bitch is coming for all of us.

If you’re not under TV mind control, it’s apparent everywhere that the planet is getting colder. The effects on crops predicted on XYZ are already apparent, and will certainly lead to higher food prices in the years to come.

But not to worry. Big Sister’s got you sorted.

Thank you, helpful globohomo propagandists. Yum.

This is bigger than just weather. As I’ve written before, the grand solar cycle correlates to the cycle of civilisations throughout history. Warm periods correspond to expansion, trade and urbanisation; mini ice ages correspond to collapse, localisation and dark ages.

Which tbh sounds pretty good right now.


Even non-Christians can feel that the warm and sunny period of economic expansion and accompanying decadence after World War II is coming to an end. People are becoming repulsed by the nihilism, narcissism and decadence of the last fifty years. We are literally being frozen out of our degeneracy, right as it spirals out of control.

It’s always the cold that ends the corruption. That’s the historical cycle that restores the fear of God and knowledge of his moral law to men’s hearts.

The time of the Lannisters of this world is coming to an end.

Winter is coming, and soon it will be time for cities to burn.

Melbourne 2025, colourised.

My purpose in exposing the lies of anthropogenic climate change and the coming global collapse is not to instill fear. It is not to terrify you or spread despair. This thing can be prepared for, and people who do will find that their lives may even be better as we come out the other side.

The world in 20 years will be far more different to now than the world of 20 years ago was, but that is not a reason to fear. It’s a reason to prepare.

The first thing I recommend is that you get right with God. Get your spiritual security sorted.

Second, avoid debt. When hard times come you might become poor, but if you have debt left over from the good times, you will go broke. The banksters and their politician puppets have been able to avoid an economic reckoning for decades, but they are running out of spells. The debtmaggedon will come and the longer it is delayed, the more brutal it will be.

Shekel wizardry can delay economic reality for a time, but it can’t overcome it. Gold and silver will do well probably, and I know some of you still swear by cryptos. If you can own a house outright, do it. Be wise about where you store your savings though if you save in cash. Bail-ins are coming.

If you’re young and have no assets, then relying on a wage week-to-week will make you vulnerable to whatever the elites decide to do in response to the crisis. Living in a big city is madness. Get out to a regional area, preferably on the coast. The Grand Solar Minimum is going to make Australia much drier, but towns along the coast should fare well. Look in the churches for a shieldmaiden to start a family with. Make yourself worthy and God will provide.

Start a small farm and sell at the farmer’s markets, or a small business if you have skills that meets the basic needs of people in the local area. Start thinking as though you already inhabit the dark age. This will be the best way to prepare to secure the existence of your family and a future for Aussie children.

The present is dying, and those who love it will die too. There’s a better future coming.

But first, the apocalypse.

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