The Grand Solar Minimum stole your dreams Greta, not carbon


You know the propaganda is important when they’re rolling out the special needs kids.

It’s the same playbook, over and over again. They do it with the mass shootings all the time. Even in World War I, Americans were whipped into a frenzy with stories about bayoneted Belgian babies being victims of the Huns.

It was all a lie, of course. Just like the mentally unstable Swedish girl.

The Unshackled is onto it.

Greta Thunberg isn’t the first teenager roped into delivering an emotive plea cynically designed to emotionally…

Posted by The Unshackled on Tuesday, 24 September 2019

Top work, lads.

The social engineers seem to have decided that right now is the time to ram through their one-world utopian agenda, and they’re all-in. They’re not even pretending to be reasonable and scientific like they used to. They’ve gone full Soviet propaganda now.

We’re taking a zero-tolerance approach to climate deniers: we will delete their comments and lock their accounts.

Their fabricated evidence simply stalls action.

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Posted by The Conversation on Monday, 16 September 2019

Ever get the feeling you’re being lined up for a mass grave?

There’s that ‘denier’ word again.



That’s the deployment of an ideological narrative to score points in a make-believe political contest between two wings of the same establishment eating the people. That men who scratch our itching ears with such bogus narratives become rich and famous is an indication of our moral decline. Dinesh’s shtick is the type of partisan talking point trotted out by people who make money writing books turning phonies into messiahs for low-info normies.


There’s only one man who will save America, Dinesh, and I’m pretty sure he’s going to be mighty pissed off at your cynical monetisation of Christians’ hopes and fears when he comes back to judge the world.

I suspect you’re not on his bestseller list.

George Soros is not a National Socialist. That’s a stupid and manipulative argument. He’s a racial Bolshevik; an identity communist whose utopian philosophy of world destruction is based on the Western Marxist ideology outlined by his mentor Karl Popper. Popper’s open society ideology provided a philosophical framework to turn Christian republican government into the neo-Marxist liberal democracy we have today.

Calling Soros a Nazi only muddies the waters regarding the mind control our society is under. The Nazis didn’t win the war. The commies did, and the revolution they started in 1917 is still rolling out today, symbolised by a retarded child with pigtails and good acting skills.

It’s not honest to just react to the stupid utopian globalism represented by Greta and deny the climate is changing. Because it is changing.

That is just an objectively true fact. We have entered a period during which the climate is changing rapidly. The pace of change is accelerating. And it’s going to end the world as we have known it.

We’re having winters in the northern hemisphere so cold they’re unprecedented in living memory.

Parts of the US are getting snow as early as August.

US food production has been devastated by floods the likes of which were unthinkable before.

Meat prices are rising around the world due to swine fever decimating herds, particularly in China.

Pandemics are increasing everywhere among plants and animals.

The drought in Europe last year was so bad it revealed centuries-old ‘hunger stones’ in the River Elbe, put there by our forefathers to warn us when calamity was coming.

They actually cared enough about us to do that, because they weren’t like us degenerate cretins of liberal democratic postmodernity who only live to fill our bellies and empty our genitals.

We’ve just had bushfires in September in Australia. We all know that’s not normal. I can remember, like clockwork, the men in my family being called out on Boxing Day for the volunteer country fire service to fight bushfires. Not in September.

That’s not normal.

And when partisan conservatives, who only care about getting more YouTube views or selling more books, do the same thing about climate that they do about trannies or bumsex marriage or Sharia law in Western Sydney, they’re doing all of us a disservice.

This isn’t just another partisan issue you can profiteer from. This is end-of-civilisation tier shit we’re talking about here.

The climate is changing because we have entered a particularly savage Grand Solar Minimum. We’re now a few years in, and the effects are beginning to be felt everywhere. Given the pattern of history, there are several changes we can expect to see in the coming years as the weather becomes more chaotic and, on the whole, more cold.

We can expect to see food shortages and the price of food increasing dramatically as crop and animal losses intensify.

Planting for next year has been affected due to either too much water or too little as well. The knock-on effects of the Grand Solar Minimum on food prices will compound over time.

We can expect to see the economy turn down cyclically as well. It’s my view that debt is also connected to this cycle of civilisations. God warned ancient Israel to beware the dangers of usury, and as the world economy begins to implode along with the debt supernova our civilisation is built upon, we can see why.

While we in the West have ignored our ancient wisdom and believed we could create utopia through social engineering and the alchemy of central banking, our Eastern rivals have not. They know about cycles, and they know our time in the sun is up.

I suspect the social engineers at the highest levels of the Western establishment know about cycles too. Oligarchs like Soros do. They’ve planned this fake global warming agenda for a long time, and are using it to bring about their Luciferian one-world system. They believe it’s necessary to lie to us commoners for a greater good, even if that greater good is our mass die-off. It’s an agenda as old as Plato, and the psychopaths who carry it out see themselves as philosopher-kings rather than the servants of Satan they are.

The technocratic elite knew this was coming, and rather than warn the people to prepare by creating family gardens and making local communities more economically and agriculturally independent and resilient, they decided to wait for us all to die off and then shove those of us left into shoebox apartments and feed us cockroaches and Soylent Green.

No thanks.

There’s no way to save this mouse utopia civilisation of ours. God is ending it. The elites will die off just as surely as we peasants will as it all comes crashing down. You can’t change that. What you can do though is get to somewhere away from the main population centres and begin growing your own food. It’s not impossible to do now, but once things get really bad, it’ll only be harder to do quickly.

That video channel links to a website with a handy garden planner you can use to get cracking. We’ve got all the information we need to create a small-plot lifeboat for our family before the mouse utopia collapses.

Once it does, and all the planet starves, the Gretas of the world who expected government to solve all their problems are going to regret their naive utopianism.

If you wish to learn more about the Grand Solar Minimum and its effects, you can do so here.

Originally published at End Times Herald.