If the American Occupation of the Middle East is all about oil, why is the Biden Regime keeping troops there?


Do you remember two decades ago how there were massive protests all over the West against the war in Iraq initiated by Republican President George W Bush after Israel did 9/11? The defining slogan was “No Blood For Oil”.

Do people still remember this?

What is funny, and that’s weird funny, not haha funny, is that one of the major criticisms of the Trump Presidency was his decision to pull America out of the globalist instrument of control known as the Paris Climate Accord. Amongst the many executive orders, written up by Joseph Biden’s carers for him to sign in his first days in office, were decisions to rejoin the Paris Climate Accord and halt construction the Keystone XL pipeline.

This is in keeping with recent historical precedent. In general one of the defining cosmetic differences between the Republican Party and the Democrat Party in America is that the Republican Party refuses to toe the line on the globalist climate change agenda while stopping short of pointing out that it is a complete hoax, while the Democrats worship at the alter of so-called “climate change” and sabotage the American economy and energy security in the process.

So America mustn’t need all that oil in the Middle East any more now that the Democrats are back. Once they have unstuck those frozen wind turbines in Texas, America should be set for a clean, green, modern future.

Once they have fixed up that little ice problem in Tennessee, Americans will be hopping in their self-flying electric cars on their way to their civil rights advocacy job, organic grocery, or black Lives Matter mostly peaceful protest.

No idea what’s going on in Russia mind you.

Must be some kind of pattern thingy going on.

So as I said, America doesn’t need oil any more because Biden is the most popular President in American history. So why does it still have troops stationed in the Middle East? Maybe it is to help spread democra……..

Okay, I just couldn’t finish that sentence. That video I embedded literally makes more sense than if I had finished that sentence. The region remains a powder keg. Yesterday a conveniently Iran-linked militia launched a rocket attack on a US base in the Kurdish-controlled north of Iraq. They killed a civilian contractor, wounded five others and broke some glass.

Also in the north of Afghanistan I can’t figure out if this is real or if someone affiliated with The XYZ hacked a Lying Press outlet and is now pumping out XYZ Poorly Labelled Satire headlines.

So it’s still dangerous, radical, and hardly democratic (not that the latter is particularly disastrous).

Perhaps America is safeguarding the interests of a friend or ally there? It is clearly not doing this for its own national security or energy security interests, let alone for the American people.

It is the only logical explanation I can think of.