Anti-lockdown BBQ video goes viral


The XYZ understands that the following video, which has been shared across multiple platforms, has been watched over 6 million times.

That’s what you call a mic drop.

A bunch of mates holding a BBQ in violation of the ridiculous lockdown orders imposed by Dictator Dan. The Lying Press turns up to try to harass them.

They spit accusations-as-questions at said BBQees while holding a microphone at the end of a hilariously long microphone stand – the purpose of these idiot microphone holders is to reinforce the notion that coronavirus is going to hunt you down and skin you alive.

The bloke pays no attention to the accusations of the Lying Press then nonchalantly bats away the pesky mic, which is being held annoyingly close to his food, risking cross contamination.

This is how you deal with this scum. The incident reflects growing malcontent across Victoria as more and more people refuse to comply with the draconian lcokdown.

This video by Pissy Leaks Pete shows a pastor who refused to close down his church and a kickboxer who reveals his true feelings for Daniel Andrews.

On Friday thousands of ordinary Victorians protested against the lockdown at the Melbourne Park sports complex.

Across in WA recently a man cleverly challenged police officers who insisted that he wear a face mask. The confrontation demonstrates that police are increasing hesitant to enforce the unjust will of their totalitarian masters.

Anecdotally, I see a lot more people not wearing masks this time around. I get the strong impression that Victorians, as docile as they are, are finally fed up, and that the police are losing their appetite to enforce silly rules that nobody wants.