The Grand Solar Minimum: Plague, famine, tyranny and war


One of the great suppressed and liberating truths of our era is that there is a pattern to history. A cycle. And if you understand that cycle, you can anticipate what’s coming and not only survive, but thrive.

Nobody could have anticipated a plague that spreads like measles, kills like pneumonia and looks like the zombie apocalypse out of China. Well nobody except maybe the movie that anticipated it and the billionaire who predicted it and the scientists who invented it and the intelligence agencies who warned about it back in November.

Totally random. No way of knowing.

The thing is though, if you know your history you understand that we’ve entered a period during which plagues will become more frequent. Reality is not random. I hope that by the end of reading this you will understand that. It’s important.

People hoping and believing that life will go back to what we considered normal after this period of lockdown are hopelessly deluded.

The ride is just getting started.

Buckle up.

For a few centuries from about 1000 AD, there was a series of Viking settlements in what today we call Canada. They were located on the island of Newfoundland, and known as Vinland by the Scandinavian settlers. They called it that because the area produced excellent grapes.

Last winter, Newfoundland was buried under so much snow that the armed forces of Canada were sent in and a disaster was declared. The locals called it Snowmageddon. Needless to say, they aren’t growing many grapes there now.

So what changed?

The answer to this question goes to the heart of why everything everywhere is about to become more expensive and harder to get a hold of. The Viking expansion from the 8th to 11th centuries AD was itself the result of the Medieval Warm Period. A period of global warming enabled hardy Nordic sailors to set out from their icy hamlets and conquer large swathes of Europe.

Needless to say, there were no fossil fuels being burned during the Dark Age to warm the planet up.

The Vikings established settlements as far west as Greenland, which they named, and Vinland. The settlements prospered until the Little Ice Age, beginning around 1300 AD and lasting until 1850. This period of cooling coincided with the spread of the Black Death to Europe, which killed half the population of the Viking settlement at Iceland which the Greenlanders relied upon for trade. Reduced agricultural output and raids by the Eskimos finished them off by about 1450.

Both of these trends of warming and cooling occurred a result of solar cycles. Since time immemorial, the planet has warmed and cooled, all due to cyclical changes in the energy output of the sun.

Sorry Greta.

It’s the sun, stupid.

Civilisations throughout history have understood this. In ancient Egypt, China, India and South America the peoples there understood that the complex and interdependent systems that underpin civilisation depend upon the solar cycle for their existence. All of those peoples understood that we are not gods, and can no more change the weather than command a microscopic bug to stop killing people.

When things warm up, civilisations develop. Trade expands. Empires are built. When cooling hits, it all turns south. That’s the great pattern which unlocks history.

Solar output can be measured by counting sunspots, and when sunspots disappear the planet cools significantly. These periods of global cooling, when solar output collapses, are called Grand Solar Minima. We just entered one in 2018.

There was another one of these Grand Solar Minima in the sixth century AD. The Byzantine historian Procopius recorded that in 536, “The sun gave forth its light without brightness… and it seemed exceedingly like the sun in eclipse, for the beams it shed were not clear.” In the same year, the Gaelic Irish Annals recorded a “failure of bread”. In Peru there was a terrible drought, while in China snow fell much further south than usual and disrupted agriculture.

Scientists are largely in agreement that the extreme global cooling of 535/6 was most likely caused by a large volcanic eruption. It may well have been Krakatoa. The resulting famine compounded the social problems of the Byzantine Empire, and was followed five years later by the Plague of Justinian in 541. This pandemic was one of the deadliest in history, and killed at least 25 million people.

It was the same bacterium responsible for the Black Death eight hundred years later, and unsurprisingly it came out of China.

Around the same time, the Western Roman Empire was collapsing due to plague, famine, civil war and invasion. Civilisation in Europe was almost extinct for centuries afterward, until the period of the Vikings when things warmed up again.

None of this was random. It was all part of the cycle of civilisations, and had already occurred 1600 years earlier with the collapse of Mediterranean civilisations at the end of the Bronze Age.

Just as the Book of Ecclesiastes says, there is nothing new under the sun.

The mechanism by which the Grand Solar Minimum causes famine, plague, war and collapse is complex, but scientifically proven. It’s not caused by less sunlight directly. That’s negligible. The reduction in energy output from the sun instead causes a weakening of the Earth’s magnetosphere, which allows more cosmic rays to enter the atmosphere and penetrate to the surface. Cosmic rays have two important effects: they cause increased cloud cover and also increased volcanic activity. Both have a significant cooling effect on the planet.

Have you noticed it’s getting cooler and cloudier than usual? That’s the early stages of the Grand Solar Minimum.

Krakatoa also erupted last week and earthquake swarms have been occurring in Iceland.

The last time a solar downturn affected the planet was in the early 1800’s. In Europe, this correlated with the French Revolution and Napoleonic Wars. The year 1816, when sunspots reached their lowest point and the largest volcanic eruption since Justinian occurred at Mount Tambora, is known as the Year Without A Summer and Eighteen Hundred and Froze to Death. Until 1814, ice fairs were held on the Thames.

The disruptions we are beginning to experience with COVID-19 are part of a larger catastrophe hitting civilisation around the world, and it’s ultimately being driven by the solar cycle. It’s got nothing to do with carbon emissions or a wet market in Wuhan or Bill Gates’ dream of microchipping us like pets. This is much bigger than man.

The largest locust plague in living memory is threatening large parts of Africa, the Middle East and southern Asia.

Last year China lost half its pig herd due to African swine fever.

Devastating crop failures occurred across North America in 2019 due to unseasonal weather patterns and record rains.

Australia’s 2019/20 wheat harvest was also the lowest in 12 years. This problem of agricultural disruption has been documented ahead of time by people like David DuByne of the Adapt 2030 channel. If you wish to understand why the West is now experiencing food shortages, his work is a good place to start.

It’s not ‘panic shoppers’. It’s the sun.

Everywhere around the world food production was already being impacted by supply shocks. Now that COVID-19 has hit, this is being compounded by demand shocks.

The situation with regard to food security around the world is now unimaginably dire. And all of it will be blamed on a virus so that the populace won’t ask their leaders why they were never warned and given time to prepare.

While the Third World will likely starve, in Australia we are not immune to the threat of famine and shortages too.

All of this was predictable, and yet rather than warn the public our leaders chose to lie about global warming and then cover up the early stages of the pandemic. They’re also lying about the profound economic problems being hidden by the plague.

Meanwhile, the Chinese government is recommending people stock up on 3 to 6 months’ worth of food.

It didn’t have to be this way. We could have pulled together as a society. Rather than risk losing power, however, our elites chose to lie and then put us under lockdown when the crisis began. This means each family and each neighbourhood is on their own.

Don’t rely on Big Sister to have your back. It’s all down to us.

There is no reason to lose hope. Our ancestors lived through worse. Focus on eliminating debt, moving whatever capital you have to hard, physical assets rather than paper wealth, growing as much food as you can at your home and making community networks with other like-minded families with good values. Rediscover the skills of your great-grandparents. Get used to growing, preserving and baking rather than just buying.

Find a good church with young families and get connected. Be helpful. Church networks will be vital as the economy tanks, the shortages intensify and the civil unrest begins.

Globalism, consumerism and materialism are dead. There’s a new world disorder being born. The enormous, centralised states of the modern era will fragment and disappear. New, more local political entities will spring up in their place. The cycle will continue.

The more dependent you remain on the current system and the elites who run it as we go through the crisis, however, the less free you will become.

There’s a dark age ahead, and that’s fine. For many of us, it’s appealing. Bring it on. Let’s make something old new again.

Originally published at End Times Herald.