Based Billionaire Elon Musk Buys Bitcoin to Bite Biden in the Bum


Elon Musk’s Tesla has bought $1.5 billion dollars worth of Bitcoin, and announced that it plans to accept Bitcoin as a form of payment in the near future. This has sent the price of Bitcoin soaring to over US$47,000 (AU$60,949).

He memed about it.

Twitter was triggered.

That’s how you know something up. The sentinels of the system have been alerted.

For the past fortnight, the money masters have been fighting a rearguard action against ordinary people, who realised they can hurt the Jewish bankers who control the system by forcing up the stock price of Game Stop. Hedge funds which had shorted the stock lost a combined total of over $100 billion. The cheats responded by calling ordinary people names, accusing them of cheating, then cheated by trying to stop them from buying stock.

Like many people on the dissident right, I know a bit about politics, a little about economics and finance, and when people tell me how Bitcoin works I don’t know what they are talking about, even when it is explained to me multiple times. Anyway, here is what I do know, and why I know that what is going on now is awesome.

Jews control the world, and they do it through their control of money.

Any nation could print just enough money to facilitate the trade of goods, as money is merely a tool to which people agree to ascribe value. Instead, the jews who control the money print it then loan it to governments at interest. This turns money into a commodity, and a tool with which to indebt and enslave the world.

Any nation which has tried to free itself of this debt slavery gets destroyed.

While Donald Trump was in office, most people who understand this dynamic were prepared to give the system one last chance, to give Trump, as well as Brexit and populist parties in general, a chance to save or reform the system.

However in 2020 the jews launched the coronavirus hoax to assist the stealing of the 2020 US Presidential Election, and to plunge the working and middle classes of the West into poverty by destroying the world economy.

They have unpersoned Trump, nuked internet freedom, they are undermining the few regimes in the world who still oppose the Great Reset agenda, and they are working to classify anybody who engages in right wing activism as a terrorist.

They have made it absolutely clear to all Aryan people that the system is directly opposed to their interests, and generally stepping up their White Genocide agenda. The jews have increased the intensity of their war against us, so we are increasing the intensity of our resistance.

In short, to hell with the system.

Tying this back in to the financial market shenanigans, any attempt by organised groups of ordinary people to deliberately harm the financial fortunes of hedge funds, bankers, institutional investors, ie jews, is a tacit recognition that jews rule the world through their control of money and the best way to hurt them is to go after their money.

Bitcoin is at least perceived as a unit of currency which currently lies outside of their control. The higher its value, and the more it is utilised, the more it hurts the jews because it reduces their ability to control us.

I understand silver could be the next target for an increase in stock price, and that Game Stop could just be the warm up for the main game.

As for Elon Musk, I maintain my belief that he is generally on our side and he could play a crucial role in defeating the jews and taking us to the stars. I am not about to trust in a plan, but I figure that anybody who names their company after Nicolai Tesla must understand the forces which control this world and keep the truth hidden.