Trump Dons Skull Mask: Says “White Guys Aren’t Gonna Take It Any More”

Courtesy of Ryan Fletcher.

Barely a week after his divisive Mount Rushmore Speech in which he controversially claimed that “it’s not okay to just kill all white people”, Donald Trump has refused to wear a face mask, putting grandmothers all over America at risk.

As shown in these exlusive XYZ photos, Donald Trump has instead given a press conference where he wore a skull mask and declared:

“White guys aren’t gonna take it any more, we’re sick of being presented as the original sin of all humanity. If you leave people with nothing left to lose, you’re looking at a pretty dangerous situation. At first it will be a white guy here and a white guy there, but pretty soon that could be white guys everywhere. If they decide to team up, well…”

Courtesy of Ryan Fletcher.

The US President engaged in wrongthink by suggesting that the media has switched narratives with regard to face masks:

“When the Chinese Coronavirus first appeared and I took strong action to close the US border before the experts said I should, the media was claiming that face masks didn’t protect us from the Kung Flu. Now that I just want to get the economy going, face masks have become a political issue used to attack me. What is even with that?”

Clearly delusional, Trump claimed to be a symbol for white “resistance”:

“Look, whether you think I am on the side of white people or not, I represent what heritage Americans voted for in 2016. The globalists who really run this country have done everything they can to make white America shut up and to make me shut up. If they force me to put on a face mask, I become the symbol of a muzzled white America. I just can’t do that.”

Trump also repeated the far right, so-called “white genocide” conspiracy theory:

“That guy on Tucker is right. First you remove statues, then you remove people. The genius of this is that once you have wiped out your enemy, there is no evidence that they ever existed in the first place.

”Black people are responsible for the majority of murders and gun crime despite being a minority of the population, yet the media presents them as the victims. Now we’re at the stage where black people are able to bash and murder white people with impunity and the media will just ignore it. If white people try to call the police to protect themselves from black people, they could face arrest. If you defend yourself with a gun against communist violence you will be prosecuted and your firearms will be confiscated. Hell in Sweden, if a black guy breaks into your house, kills you and rapes your girlfriend, they will call you a “nazi” and say you deserved it.

“Regardless of how things go in November, I’d say we’re just months away from a Rwanda situation or a Rhodesia situation.”

The President then went off the deep end, saying Pizzagate was real. Asked if he had read Siege, Trump said he’d never heard of it, although he muttered something about dancing Israelis.

It’s your XYZ.