Support Raimond Kelly Protest: Media Release


Editor: The following is a media release from Nick Folkes, who is organising a protest in support of Raimond Kelly. Kelly staged a one man protest outside the Chinese Consulate in Sydney. With a whip. Here is the footage:


Media Release

We invite you to join us in protest outside Newtown Court, Newtown on Wednesday 15th July 2020. The protest will start at 9am and finish at 11am.

The NSW Police Force has charged Raimond Kelly with ‘stalking’ and ‘armed with intent’ after he held a brief vocal protest outside the Chinese Consulate in Sydney on the 31st March 2020 cracking his whip.

Mr. Kelly said, “I was outraged by China’s denial and cover up, so I needed to let them know. Nothing I said was racist. My anger was politically motivated. I’ve always had a thing about standing up to bullies and I just wanted to stand in front of those security cameras and have them capture me saying, Hey Chinese government, this is your fault, so get this up ya”.

In the video footage captured by a bystander, Mr. Kelly said the following:

“Wake up Australia. No more shit from China. No more shit from China. Death to Communism. Filthy fucking Commies. 5 Million people leave your country to spread that filthy fucking disease worldwide just like SARS, swine flu and avian flu. You’ve released all these viruses for decades, decades”.

Indeed, the Chinese Communist Party intentionally released the CCP virus internationally resulting in the death of over 530,000 people so far which has jolted the world community into economic meltdown and immeasurable suffering.

The anti-Australian mainstream media vilified Raimond for his peaceful political stunt but Australians hailed Mr. Kelly as a ‘hero’ for standing up to the narcissistic and murderous CCP.

Australia is at a crossroads facing a belligerent and racist CCP that has designs on Australia. Our federal and state governments have failed to protect Australians from the CCP virus or Chinse government meddling in our social, political and economic affairs.

It is time to stand up against the CCP bully. The Australian people have had enough.

We hope to see you at Newtown Court to support an Australian hero facing trumped up charges. We are calling on the compromised judiciary to drop the charges.

Please bring your Aussie and Eureka flags!

Time: 9am to 11am
Date: Wednesday 15th July 2020
Location: Newtown Court, Newtown

Enquiries: Nick Folkes on 0417 679972 or