New Webster’s Dictionary defines a group of Australian Karens as a “Studio 10”


Mike Harrison

Webster’s Dictionary has released it’s latest edition this past week and one addition in particular has garnered quite some attention.

While the pejorative term ‘Karen’ has been in Webster’s for a few years, debate had raged on what a group of Karens in Australia should be known as.

Webster’s has finally settled on a definition and now defines a group of Karens as a “Studio 10” after the Channel Ten show of the same name.

A spokesman for Webster’s has confirmed the decision was made in consultation with the show’s producers.

“It wasn’t a difficult decision. Essentially, we picked a group of privileged upper-class white women giving shithouse, generic opinions on every topic that the average Australian could easily identify. In America it’s “A View” but in Australia it’s a Studio 10.”

The token male on the panel, Joe Hildebrand, said he had no problem with the definition.

“My testosterone hasn’t been at a level where I can be considered male for quite some time, so I think it’s an apt definition. Plus, my opinions are generally milquetoast and non-controversial in line with what a Karen usually says, so it’s bang on.”

It’s your XYZ.