Australians, stop voting for your own Genocide


The Golem

Do not vote for or support any of the following major political parties.

  • The Australian Labor Party
  • The Australian Liberal Party
  • The Australian National Party
  • The Australian Greens Party

Every one of the above major political parties has in the past consistently created and or voted in favour of laws that are directly against the interests of the Australian people. In addition, Government Ministers drawn from the same above parties have consistently exercised their Ministerial Discretionary Powers to take actions or fail to take actions, or give directions and decrees that are against the interests of the Australian people.

Members of the above major political parties have, through those members acting in various capacities, from ordinary party members, to Members of Parliament, Parliamentary Committee Members and Ministers of Government Cabinet, consistently acted against the interests of the Australian people, and in particular in the following important ways:

1. They were the ones who dismantled the immigration restrictions that limited immigration into Australia by persons of non-European heritage. Those immigration restrictions were some of the first pieces of Parliamentary Legislation to be passed through the newly formed Australian Federal Parliament, shortly after Federation in 1901, and as such they were and remain an express statement of the will of the Australian people and creators of the Australian nation.

2. Conversely, the dismantling of that legislation was done by Ministerial Decree and the subtle manipulation of Regulations within the control of subversive elements within the Australian Public Service. At no time were the Australian people ever given the opportunity to vote on the issue. There have been regular calls from a large number of Australians over the years to have these matters put to the Australian people in a free and fair vote, but all such requests have been consistently thwarted and skirted around, and in particular by members of the above listed major political parties.

3. They were, and remain, the ones that promote a de-facto and unlawful policy of multiculturalism as opposed to the native Australian culture that was created and developed over two centuries by Australians of European heritage. And it is they who consistently prevent the Australian people from having a formal vote on whether or not they wish to be a multicultural nation or remain simply an Australian nation of European heritage.

Having successfully dismantled the White Australia Policy, or meekly averted their gaze while this was done, the same above major parties have consistently championed high levels of immigration; indeed, at times extraordinarily high levels of immigration by world standards, and not only that; they have taken particular delight in championing high levels of immigration from nations that are not of European heritage, and with which the Australian people do not share any common bonds of race, culture, religion or history.

Such actions, and failure to act, by the members of these named political parties has been the direct cause of the demographic replacement of the native Australian population of people of Anglo-Celtic and nearly exclusively European heritage, by a collection of alien races, cultures and religions, many of whom bring with them a history of antagonism, hatred and violence against White Christians that can be traced back over more than a millennium.

For members of these named political parties to enact such policies, and to fail to curtail and reverse such enactments as the evidence of social disharmony has continued to mount against them, has provided a clear and unambiguous foundation of evidence upon which rests a large and ever growing accusation of genocide against the Australian people.

The Australian people are a unique White ethnic group as recognised by the criteria used to define a “people” by the United Nations and on that basis had a right to be left alone to be allowed to continue to live in peaceful occupation of our native lands. There can be no doubt that the deliberate demographic flooding and replacement of what was a relatively small population by global standards with alien peoples, many of whom have arrived from nations where their population is measured in the billions, clearly cannot be called anything other than genocide.

So, stop voting for the major parties listed above.