So we’re calling them law students now


We need mass immigration so we can fill the desperate shortage of brain surgeons from Botswana in the bush.

Without mass immigration, we may run out of lawyers to deal with the alarming spike in people saying mean things on the internet. Sadly, we are now one future lawyer down.

From 7 News:

A high profile Melbourne law student has been charged with 13 offences following a week-long violent crime spree, police say.

Wiaa Puot is accused of two violent carjackings, a brutal attack on a police officer, and a desperate attempt to escape custody.

In one incident he’s accused of beating a young woman repeatedly on the head with a hammer on Cardigan Street in Melbourne’s inner north before fleeing.

The woman was taken to hospital and was later released.

A law student. So that’s what we’re calling them now. We are very used to this sort of thing from the Jewish media. They speak in code; “youths”, “teens”, “gangs”. They use any adjective they can to avoid mentioning the race of the African thugs who are terrorising our cities. If there is no footage, you won’t hear a peep about it. When they are on the loose they are at most described as “of African appearance”: When there is footage, such as this case, they use “law student” so as to program us to ignore the obvious common denominator which can be ascertained simply by using our eyes.

The African Gangs crisis would actually be very simple to solve. Deport any African convicted of a violent crime, deport his entire extended family and forbid all of them from ever setting foot on Australian soil ever again. You would only need to do this a handful of times before a period of voluntary remigration ensued.

Instead, we are unable to deal with the African Gangs crisis because we are not allowed to name it. This is because the establishment political parties do not represent the interests of the Australian people. They must all be removed, as must the entire media, academic, judicial and bureaucratic establishment.

This is an enormous task. Where are we going to find the motivation to oppose this system day in, day out? Watch this footage from when the African was still on the run:

They actually showed the blood:

I am glad they showed the blood, although I can’t believe they let that one through. I am not surprised we haven’t seen any footage of the victim yet. She was repeatedly struck on the head with a hammer.

A hammer.

On the head.


Do you have any idea what a woman looks like after she has been repeatedly struck on the head with a hammer?

There you go.