Food For Thought – How The Heck Is “White Supremacy” To Blame?


According to EVERY Democrat Party contender that’s been featured in the debates so far ‘White Supremacy pervades every facet of American history and contemporary life’, and American law enforcement is “front to back” White Supremacist (or at least according to Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren).

Hence why “White Supremacist Terrorism” is the greatest threat to America nay the world and why we’re daily told that Whites becoming a minority in America is a good thing:

Important to note, as I’ve highlighted previously, the Black minority (13% of US population) are committing 52% of ALL national homicides and 84.9% of violent crimes against Whites.

Hence why recent shootings in America being offered up by the corporate controlled Zionist media cartels as examples of “white supremacist terrorism” are devoid of reality.

The fact that the Dayton, Ohio shooter Connor Betts was an Elizabeth Warren supporting ANTIFA fanatic who wanted to “kill fascists” and “White Supremacists” is a testament to how little the MSN cartels care about facts anymore.

Furthermore, 21-year old Patrick Wood Crusius (the El Paso shooter) proclaimed to be a fan of Brenton Tarrant (the “eco-fascist” Zionist New Zealand mosque shooter) and appears to care little about the ADL appeasing Zionist effects which ensue from such attacks.

Remember ONLY ethnically Jewish Zionist fanatics can murder people in cold blood and get to be hailed as heroes by the American government.

Meanwhile President Donald Trump, who has only ever directly addressed Whites with the post-fix of “Supremacist” and has taken to condemning set “White Supremacists” for these attacks, is apparently the guy inciting terrorism according to anti-White ally Michelle Goldberg:

Funny how this looming “White Supremacist Terrorist” threat gets a boost in the talking points just when Jeffrey Epstein was becoming a pivotal point of interest. What a “coincidence”, hey?

Food for Thought.

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