Melbourne: Pro-Immigration Narrative Shattered In One Image


A diversity incident was captured on film today by a 9 News crew. It occurred in Victoria Street, Richmond, an inner-city suburb of Melbourne.

An African with a hammer threatened two Asians as he tried to steal their jeep, while other miscellaneous foreigners tried to get away without being noticed.

From 9 News:

A man armed with a hammer allegedly threatened two people and attempted to steal their cars in Melbourne’s inner east this afternoon.

A man has been arrested over the incident that occurred in broad daylight on Victoria Street, Richmond just after midday today.

In shocking vision… the man can be seen swinging a hammer at two drivers in what was believed to be an attempt to steal their cars.

The vision shows the man getting into one of the cars before he gets out again after it’s believed he was unable to start the vehicle.

The man then appears to walk away casually while swinging the hammer before returning to smash the windows of one of the cars.

The man was then seen walking away into the back streets of Richmond.

Police caught up with the man about 20 minutes later down a laneway off Lennox Street.
One of the drivers of the cars was treated by paramedics for minor injuries.

He was carrying a hammer…

I think you see where I’m going with this one. Since the tent encampments full of White working class Aussies have hit the headlines, the legacy media has been doing everything it can to misdirect public debate regarding the housing crisis.

The fact is, one graph is all it takes to demonstrate that mass replacement immigration is the key factor causing the housing crisis.

The height of the elites’ wilful economic ignorance has been the argument that we need more migrants to build homes for all the migrants.

Yes, we’re not making this up.

Lucy Turnbull was rightly roasted.

From The Noticer:

Lucy Turnbull, the businesswoman wife of former Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, has been called out for saying that Australia should bring in more migrant workers to solve the housing crisis.

The 65-year-old one-time Lord Mayor of Sydney weighed in on the housing debate on X on Monday, reposting an article from SBS advocating for “quick migration solutions” to help the Labor government meet its target of 1.2 million new homes by 2029.

“100%. If Australians want more homes built, more migrant workers are needed,” Mrs Turnbull wrote.

But critics were quick to point out holes in her argument, and some responded with memes making fun of mass immigration advocates.

“You are either very poor with mathematics, or you have a conflict of interest. I’m not sure which one it is,” wrote property expert Louis Christopher.

Others referred to Australia’s record-high immigration levels and accused her of “Ponzi scheme” reasoning, and some said “mass deportations” were needed instead.

“So a million is not enough for your liking? How about encouraging existing Australians to take up apprenticeships, help builders to afford apprentices. The level of immigration is nothing more than a Ponzi scheme,” one wrote.

“We have so many migrants that we are going to need even more migrants to build houses for all these migrants. This is beyond parody,” said another.

Hilariously, even 9 News made the same argument a couple of days earlier.

So, he was carrying a hammer….

It’s your XYZ.